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Texas city requires no Israel boycott for hurricane relief
The Associated Press
Published: 21.10.17, 13:34
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1. Good for Texas!
CB   (10.22.17)
Simple solution is not to accept funds if boycotting Israel is so important. The town is complying with a perfectly legitimate state law that includes contracts with individuals.
2. Upsettig News
Tova ,   Canada   (10.22.17)
This is very very wrong. These people need help. As a Jew who appreciates the Christians who are very loyal to Israel. Boycott is very wrong and there is something missing in this story. Texas is a very strong Judeo-Christian state. John Hagee Ministries/Joel Olsteen are some of the best churches in Texas who give to Israel inclding DayStar. There is something very wrong here. Israel is known all over the world for search and rescue and works closley with the United States in these efforts.
3. GOOD! BDS is an anti semitic horror show.
BBB   (10.22.17)
4. # 1 Amen Buddy !!
BBB   (10.22.17)
5. # 2 Nazi's needed help also
BBB   (10.22.17)
would you hand them the fire to light the ovens filled with dead European Jews?
John Hagee is an ardent supporter of Israel is Joel Olsteen?

Remember this, 'he who owns the gold makes the rules.

As Jesus once said "Ye are either for us or against us.'
6. #5 BBB
Tova ,   Canada   (10.24.17)
You missed the point. Judeo/Christians organizations support Israel. Moses said you are either for or against us. Jesus later reminded the Jews of the same. John Hagee is very known in Israel. His ministry has given generously to various Jewish organizations and still do. Such as Yad Sarah. Yad VaShem. He is honoured in the Israel knesset.

Some holocaust suriviors were saved by Christians. Everyone knows this. Israel has the "Wall of the Righteous Gentiles.
7. Tova how did I miss the point?
BBB   (10.25.17)
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