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Spain moves to dissolve Catalan government
Associated Press
Published: 21.10.17, 17:08
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1. Catalunya! Huge mistake!
too much nationalist propaganda
too much kleptocracy (ask the Pujols and Puigdemont)
not enough financial saavy
no European support for this populist move
like I said HUGE mistake!
2. Is 2nd Al-Andaluz Catalunia?
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (10.22.17)
I understand that behind the secessionists are Islamic sponsors. I also have seen information that the main supporter is Katar.

It is an Islamic goal to conquer Europe, at least those territories once occupied by Moors until 1492. It included Al-Andaluz, the current Spain.
3. A. Scheiner, conspiracy much? No, it isn't the Arabs...
it is actually the Catalan Pujol family. They are angry because they were caught with their hands in the till and now they want to punish Spain and anyone else who is against them.
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