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Dayan’s widow, Arafat’s mother-in-law talk peace
Nechama Duek
Published: 22.10.17, 23:46
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1. Never a Palestinian state. Return Incompatible with 2 States
Adam ,   Tel Aviv   (10.23.17)
'They should learn history' she says. She doesn't know it herself. There was never a Palestinian state. Also, a right of return that allows the descendants of refugees (something that hasn't occurred in any other situation ever) would create a binational state in Israel proper. It is incompatible with the two state solution. Anyone insisting on it is unable to compromise or see the other side.
2. "Get out and take bones of you dead wih you" wrote greatest
ab   (10.23.17)
pal poet Mahmoud Darwish-and this useful idiot supports her "friend" talking about pal "right of return". .
3. It's easy for Arafat to talk Peace
David ,   Sydney   (10.23.17)
from the palace that was paid for by EU aid money.
Why do these irrelevant people get a voice? Dayan's wife didn't do anything and neither did Arafat's mother in law.
4. I saw nobody impressive in this interview.Just an Arab who
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (10.23.17)
would like to destroy Israel and a naive Jewish lady.
5. One total senile idiot& one fraud in meaningless exchange.
6. Such Hypocrisy
Lori ,   Tel Aviv   (10.23.17)
She complains about "money going into people's pockets", yet her best friend is living off ill-gotten gains- the arch-terrorist Arafat pocketed literally billions of dollars in aid from governments around the world - money that was supposed to help the Palis but instead funds a very expensive life for her best friend, daughter and granddaughter. Money which also funds the terrorist activities Dayan conveniently glosses over.
7. yes... no end of conflict without end of occupation and no
epo   (10.23.17)
end of occupation without end of netanyahu
8. Aren't people ashamed anymore?
tiki ,   belgium   (10.23.17)
Her ex-husband became a very rich man by robbing Israel of many antique artifacts for his own benefits
He robbed Israel of the right to pray on her holiest site by giving those rights away to the Muslim Wakf.

Most of "The Haredim" she is so worried about are Jews & Israeli's.....more than she & her anti Zionist children are.

If not the Jewish Torah, there is no reason for Jews to live in Israel, something she should know before opening her mouth.

If not her ex, Israel could have avoided the many problems it has today, he made mistake after mistake and today's Israeli's have to live with his 'heritage, which isn't a very nice one.

Had her ex lived today he probably would have ended like many Israeli politicians for "service with benefits to women employers.

She end her friend, the mother in law of killer Arafat, who's hands were soaked in Jewish blood really deserve each other.

They both know no shame!

9. Two horrible old ladies plot harm against Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.23.17)
One of the horrible old ladies is related to the worst Jew murderer since Hitler. The other is her Israeli leftist useful idiot.
10. What occupation?
BBB   (10.25.17)
Other than the Arabs trying to deny Jews in Israel their birthright?
11. To you the Jews are occupiers to me their heroes.
BBB   (10.25.17)
And, thankfully Bibi has been elected 4 times more than any other politician.
12. Times change... even old ladies can be WRONG !
observerms ,   Tivon, Israel   (10.25.17)
Old ladies perhaps, but even old ladies can be WRONG.

Times change
A Zionist that doesn't adapt, that keeps the 1948 concept of Zion , in 2017
logically should follow Ruth Dayan's surrender.

A Zionist that can adapt, should listen carefully to ALL the arguments, even the goyim, and then only decide which "Zionist" wing ( left or right ) to support ...hopefully the MOST logically successful.

13. Moshe dayan created alot of these problems
zionist forever   (10.26.17)
In 1967 the government planned to formerly put Temple Mount under Israeli sovereignty but Dayan pressured the government to leave the Waqf in charge. One of his first acts when he arrived in Jerusalem was to order soldiers to take down the flag they had placed at Temple Mount.

Dayan was an arab lover not a great hero and history should remember that, no more images of the general with the eyepatch who won the 6 day war.
If we had listened less to Dayan more to common sense we would not have this apartheid like situation where the Israeli government bans Jews from praying at the holiest site in Judaism as if this is a Muslim country.

14. 8
zionist forever   (10.26.17)
Time historians remembered Dayan as the arab lover he was who sided with the Waqf against the Jews.
The man also had an ego, he was never involved in the liberation of Jerusalem but he had the cameras stage his arrival make it look like he was personally leading the men into the battle for Jerusalem.

Her husband caused some of the problems we are all suffering from now and his senile wife who helped found Meretz is now a proud anti zionist who hates the fact that Bibi has rich friends but her best friend Suha is a woman who is rich because her hubby stole around $1 billion in foreign aid.
15. Nehama Duek and media Daughter dangerously naive
IsDuekSane? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.27.17)
What two "wonderful examples Dayan and Arafat's Mother in law are of child rearing" these two are includes self haters drugs and theft of millions of dollars not to mention the vehement hate of Suah's mother of Israel
not to mention how it is that the old Leftist Club in the Leftist Israeli media
is filled with nepotism like no other profession Duek and media daughter
Amelia follow the old Tel Aviv Bubble line obviously they are totally
disconnected from not only reality but Jewish Pride and Religious
Tradition they are part of the dwindling soon to be negligible extreme
secular Israeli population. Media Nepotism anyone ?!!!!
16. Yes, Israel is A Occupier of Palestinian Land
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (10.29.17)
Not only israel is occupying the LAND that does NOT belong and never before belonged to israel, but israel also is using a perfectly polished science of intimidation and daily and nightly abuse against Palestinians. The zionist project was created based on 100% lies and fairy tales that jews themselves have created as the result of their daily brainwashing by religion.
As proven countless times before and today, that NOT a single artifact was found in any archeological diggings proving that Exodus from Egypt really existed. It is A Fairy Tale. And based on this fairy tale and all other biblical tales, Not only exodus never existed, nothing described in bible ever existed.
People who lived in Palestine 2000 years ago, and who "we" call "jews", weren't jews, but Israelites. Israelites is not the same as "jews". Today's jews, and jews of the last 1000 yrs or so, are entirely different people, who went from a series of hundreds of multi-marriages and assimilations. Jews of today have absolutely NOTHING in common with ancient so called "jews". Therefore land of Palestine belongs to Palestinians only.
17. "Palestine" is a total hoax. This tiny land belongs to Jews
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.30.17)
There never was a state of "Palestine". Many "Palestinian" leaders have admitted "Palestine" is a hoax intended to help destroy Israel. This tiny land belongs to Jews now and forever!
18. Brilliant Military man total moral failure as is she
TheFamiliesFromHell ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.07.17)
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