Former Saudi, Israeli intelligence chiefs meet in NYC
Amir Bogen, New York
Published: 24.10.17, 09:12
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1. It is evident that the Sucking Arab is scared to death oI Ir
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.24.17)
Israel mustn't do anything to save them
2. don't get excited about the saudis
arieh   (10.24.17)
saudis and israelis meet in nycity-big deal?? Wrong meeetings of officials are because of iranian threat. once that is over, as kedar correctly writes, arab hatred for israel returns and arab interests in wiping out israel resurfaces much as sinwar explicitly and even abdullah implicitly argue.

and livni and sher and ayalon should remember the holcoaust lesson that international guarantees are worthless as the kurds just found out.

in other words, hold the high ground and gun, not 1 cm of land given, in fact the lands of gad, reuben and menasah should be claimed and taken in strong discussions with jordan or else.

any israelis who really believes in oslo and peace should look at what has happenned to the kurds. livni can take her views and shove them up-they are totally worthless.similarly, lapid and libeerman are ignorant when it comes to hoping of a saudi regional plan-it is all worthless. arabs have to sue for peace with israel based on economic interests and no land should even be considered tio be given.

survival is more important than so called peace. eveyr withdrawal has multiplied terrror you dumb israelis. vote for bennett or feiglin. forget about the usual oslists and that include lapid, gabbay, livni, despicable herzog and even bibi who is a liar and my judgement a weakling politically and miilitarily.
3. Arabs are suicidal
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.24.17)
They would rather be anhialated by Iran than ally themselves with Israel
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