Israel’s next challenge: Precision-guided missiles in Gaza
Roi Kais
Published: 25.10.17, 23:40
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1. how did we loose gaza...oh, it was bush pressure on shron
jos rechtman ,   la   (10.26.17)
and now he is busy criticizing trump...and who wanted us to give up the golan...oh, it was clinton and barak. the next war will be a war of annihilation. the winner will be the one still breathing.
2. The hypocracy starts at the top
Tony ,   JBay   (10.26.17)
I'm finding it increasingly difficult to sympathize with ANY Israeli angst regarding Hamas. Reason

Its commonly known that the Israeli authorities allow hamas to test their rockets out to sea.... so. WTF do you expect!
3. Virtually ALL Israel's problems caused by Israeli retreats
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.26.17)
Precision guide missiles in Gaza is Israel's latest Gaza problem. It comes from the same source as the Gaza terror, wars and all Israel's Gaza problems. The source is, of course, Israel's lunatic retreat from Gaza.

If you look behind virtually ALL Israel's serious problems, you will find Israeli retreats and concessions. The solution is obvious: Israel needs to retake Gaza forever and all our abandoned lands. We also need to end Israeli retreat forever.
4. Shia genocidal terror regime must be destroyed
C   (10.26.17)
for as long as the totalitarian genocidal ayatollahs rule iran, there will
be war in the middle east.
the ayatollahs will continue to use their terror proxies and obama gifted
weapons to try to commit genocide on the jewish people of israel.
should some arab israelis die in the process, the shia will not shed
a single tear.
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