Ultra-Orthodox leaders pan Naor's final Shabbat ruling
Moran Azulay, Kobi Nachshoni and Itay Blumenthal
Published: 26.10.17, 14:53
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1. and Lieberman is minister of defense?
Tony ,   j bAY   (10.26.17)
and Lieberman is minister of defense? Oh boy, are we in trouble!
2. litzman is wrong
naor assaf ,   jerusalem   (10.26.17)
The majority of the population are not against opening on shabbat.whilst Litzman says we must consider the feelings and revenue of the observant we should also consider the feelings and revenue of non observants.
First get all young men enlisted in the IDF and when that's done and only then we might talk about supermarkets and buses.
3. Defanging religion is a mitzva of first order! No other
Commandment is as important as: “Thou shall live to fulfill thirst of knowledge and dethrone all gods”!
4. Hypocracy! because the PM drives on Shabbat!
yes he does. and he goes out to eat in non-kosher restaurants on Fridays.
and by his own admission he had an affair with a married woman.
....all of these are grave grave violations of the Torah.
and yet the ultra-orthodox have found a way to make their peace with these behaviors of the PM
it is time they made peace with how the rest of the nation lives!
5. Question for Alex Mekhoubat
Big Yossi ,   Israel   (10.26.17)
And how old is the Jewish people's connection to its ancient homeland?
About 3,000 years.....
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