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Can UNESCO’s new Jewish head change agency’s anti-Israel bias?
Tamar Sebok
Published: 26.10.17, 23:34
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1. As if Amira Hass of "Haaretz" won the seat at UNESCO.Or Tali
ab   (10.27.17)
2. Azoulay UNESCO
Tova ,   Canada   (10.27.17)
The answer is simply NO. No Jew will make any difference. The appointment of any Jew to UNSECSO/United Nations or any organization is simply public relations. Israel and Jews around the world have contributed much to the world and our talents are in desperate need. Azoulay may have some influence with those that support Israel, but no enough to sway votes to end the hatred towards Israel.
3. The U.N. is New World Order. It is pure evil
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.27.17)
Having a token Jew or two in the U.N. means nothing. The U.N.'s goal is to impose the evil New World Order and ultimately rule the world. Its plans for Jews and Israel are similar to the Nazis'. We are witnessing a repeat of the rise of Nazism with the U.N. Now is the time to stop it before it is too late.
4. A token Jew can't save UNESCO
BBB   (10.28.17)
5. BBB#4 but a token Jew in the White House can save Israel!?!
the TBers on this article are especially dear to my heart and mind. Because. word. they are all jealous right wing misogynists working with a twisted supremacist right wing logic which says:
If it is a white Ashkenazi Jewish male in the White House then he'll do right by Israel.
But if it is a white North African Jewish female at UNESCO then she won't do right by Israel.
See I told you twisted logic!
6. # 5 No NAme.
BBB   (10.30.17)
Although evidentially biased and misguided in addition, your English is confusing.
I understand you hate right wingers however, may I ask, what your first sentence actually means?

" the TBers on this article are especially dear to my heart and mind.

Word." ?

First, for your notion to be a reality ( which it isn't.)
" A Jewish male" would have to BE in the White House.
As there is no Jewish male in the WH, this is strictly conjecture.

As for your twisted logic, I said nothing of a president or a female in the short sentence I posted.

You did.
So, whose exact 'twisted logic' are you referring to,
7. BBB#4 the son-in-law of POTUS 45 is a Jew...
he is the token Jew in the White House that I am referring too.

Thank you very much for turning this into argumentum ad hominem by doing that you have of course proven that you have nothing of any real value or substance to say and are just criticizing for the shear pleasure of hearing your own voice.

BTW the construct "Because. word." is American English from the 21st century look it up! :P
8. #7 Idiot. Jared Kushner is married to Trumps daughter.
BBB   (10.31.17)
"Because. word.
Is not a sentence it is two words unconnected and not relevant.
When did a voice sound via a written post?
Damn you're not only ignorant your'e a true fool.
Don't respond I have no further use of casting my pearls before swine.

Adios idiot and Shalom.
9. Judging by the majority of comments
BBB   (10.31.17)
she's as popular as a case of pneumonia.
Cough, cough, spit.
10. Hilarious!!!
BULD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.31.17)
I normally don't take the time to research some ignorant suggestion from an

ignorant talk backer with whom I disagree however,

I did look up "Because.'and
"Word." in the American dictionary and there is NO such reference.

Some idiots should stick to basket weaving and rummaging for toilet paper.
11. BBB & Build Baby Build: and in other news...
JML ,   Israel   (10.31.17)
Jared Kushner, Special Adviser to (and Jewish son-in-law of) the current President of the United States forces Prime Minister Netanyahu to stop building in Israel. According to reports Kushner negotiated this with the Saudi Arabians, it is noted that both Kushner and his father-in-law, the President of the United States, have substantial business dealings with the Saudis.
BBB & Build Baby Build, instead of pickin' on "no name" why aren't you busy with Kushner? That Kushner boy is selling you and yours down the river!
12. No
Evil Morty ,   The Citadel   (11.02.17)
Next Question.
13. Despite all the clamor,
BBB   (11.03.17)
Israel will not only survive she will be victorious.
No man or women on earth can change what is written and what's transpired.

The Arabs, fight against a G-d that favors Israel.
14. No It isn't Kushner it's the Arabs and democrats
BBB   (11.03.17)
15. they wouldnt appoint her unless she was bad news
david ,   new york   (11.09.17)
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