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With its symbols banned, Israel wins gold at judo tournament
Oren Aharoni
Published: 26.10.17, 20:23
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1. Was any other country in the world asked to do this?
Jordan ,   Toronto   (10.26.17)
So just the Jewish state.... and the Judo federation allowed this to happen?
2. kululululu! Mazal Tov! Kol HaKavod! Thank you athletes!
This is how one brings honor to Israel. One goes where one is not wanted and one brings home gold! Way to go! Tal Flicker, Way to go!
3. Yashar Koach! Kol HaKavod! Well done!
lunatic left   (10.26.17)
4. Well done ! מזל טוב
doda ,   Givatayim   (10.26.17)
5. they will never succeed in suppressing us
C   (10.26.17)
the goy nations have attempted to annihilated us for thousands of years.
we are still here.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (10.27.17)
anything, but dwelling the deserts. That is why there will never be a peace progress between them and anyone since they just do not see anyone else but themselves. My hats off to our brabve athelets who put their lives in danger to defend our dignity! Kol Hakavod!
7. We are our own worst enemies
Zev Taff ,   Kfar Vradim, Israel   (10.27.17)
More important than winning gold medals is honoring one's country. The Israeli national Judo team which is supported by our government should have boycotted this event.
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