Israel launches multi-tier objection to draconian Polish restitutions bill
Itamar Eichner
Published: 26.10.17, 23:06
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1. Maybe Poland doesn't like the official Holocaust narrative
shachalnur ,   amsterdam   (10.26.17)
Eastern Europe has a different view on how ww2 came about,who were the players behind the scene,and especially the role of Rothschild Zionism before and during ww2.
They will not budge.
2. Poles killed Jews who went back to their homes after war
jos rechtman ,   la   (10.27.17)
it was fun for them climbing on Jews backs to get their hard life's work and then burning them
3. Yeah Right- the Jews aren't the victims
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (10.27.17)
4. Poland is cursed.
A filthy hell hole of anti semitism.
5. Retired international civil servant
Sev ,   Geneva   (11.13.17)
My family were in the Soviet-Occupied zone of Poland, and were shipped to Kazakhstan for the duration of the War. At the end of the War, they returned to the Stetl, Rozwadow, on the River San. All their property had been confiscated by non-Jewish Poles. They stayed in Poland for precisely 24 hours, and then went to Sweden.
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