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Thousands of JFK files released but Trump holds back others
Associated press
Published: 27.10.17, 09:32
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1. The Mob commissioned it. Oswald did it. CIA sanctioned it.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.27.17)
2. More to the point......
Tony ,   J Bay   (10.27.17)
More to the point would be 9/11?

We supposedly know who did 9/11 but what we don't know is who hatched the plot!

When Henry Kissinger declined to head the 9/11 commission, that, in and of itself was enough of a smoking gun.
3. 1
zionist forever   (10.27.17)
Wasn't the mob, they do not order hits on presidents. Oswald was a nut looking for a cause. First he wanted to move to the Soviet Union and when they didn't;t want him he was with Cuban exiles. I think he just always a rebel and he felt lost. Maybe he hoped that if he killed Kennedy the Soviets might change their mind and let him come to the Soviet Union because he killed the enemies Commander in Chief.

The Warren Commission was political they didn't want to ask to many questions in depth because they were terrified that they might find some evidence of Soviet involvement because if there was even a hint of them being involved it may lead to war and they had come close to nuclear war with the Cuban missile crisis so the idea of nuclear war with Russia was in peoples minds back them.
4. The mossad did it of course, everybody knows (sarcasm on)
Deavman ,   Ta   (10.27.17)
5. Baseless theories could have been avoided
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.27.17)
Better late than never with releasing those documents. It’s the first thing that Trump is doing correctly and I offer him my congratulations even if it is too little too late. This bumbler Prez fails at everything he touches and Porto RICO is a huge case in this point.
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