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Spain takes over Catalonia, fires defiant separatist leaders
Associated Press
Published: 28.10.17, 13:15
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1. Independence is very costly. As Benjamin Franklin said long
Rivkah   (10.29.17)
ago during the American Revolution for independence from Britain, "We must all hang together or it is certain we will all hang separately." Many lost all they had or lost their lives. Dedicating the nation to the Eternal Father and His Son is imperative for victory to be a hope. Always remember the leaders of Catalonia who have lost their jobs in the quest for independence. The way Spanish Infanta Christina was treated reflects the hatred of Basques in Spain because she dared to marry a Basque. She should be the Queen of Catalonia if independence is accomplished by civil disorder as happened in India with Mahatma Ghandhi's movement that moved mountains by civil disobedience.
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