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Bannon tells Arab paper: Turkey is more dangerous than Iran
Roi Kais
Published: 28.10.17, 17:47
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1. turkey is no threat to other countries.. its a sad case
epo   (10.28.17)
in which a prosperous place is going down - because of its PMs actions.

bannon looks very ill.
2. Iran can buy Turkey
jos rechtman ,   la   (10.29.17)
3. it means
bahaa   (10.29.17)
failed stratigy to sad reality
4. Bannon is more dangerous than combined Turkish military
erdogan is a mad dog who has destroyed his country.
but bannon is an unbalanced fool who has no understanding
of world affairs.
bannon is like so many others with a high iq.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (10.30.17)
all and the modern humanity. Erdo is just another mullah in Western clothes trying to get richer. He will flip flop every week for whoever flashes more cash at him. We have to be ready for all of them. Any of them may start malfunctioning like a clugged toilet at any given day.
6. interesting.. Erdogan is certainly a despot in his own right
Rafi ,   US   (10.30.17)
who has set modern Turkey back decades....
7. AMEN no name no credibility.
BUIDL BABY BUILD !!   (10.31.17)
Makes one wonder if they even know who their father is ,and, they also embarrass their mother in the process.
8. # 2 Joe Rechtman Thanks to Obama the Black Muslim
BBB   (10.31.17)
9. 'Comedian' doesn't fit Griffin she's gone bonkers.
BBB   (10.31.17)
10. instrunctor
ali evler ,   ankara   (11.05.17)
I think Mr Bannon means Turkey will be much more stronger than Iran in the future. So there is nothing to worry about the world peace as Turkey is the peace maker in the region while the USA is the enemy to the world peace.
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