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Minimum wage to rise to NIS 5,300 in December
Telem Yahav and Gad Lior
Published: 29.10.17, 09:53
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1. Will seniors' Bituach Leumi go up? Also necessary.
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.29.17)
2. Raising min wage impoverishes even more..of course
Al   (10.29.17)
I dont expect labour union bosses to understand that, being the ignorant brutes that they are.

More and more manufacturing being transferred overseas with a resultant service industry that is at best marginal and quickly redundant. Unions are left with fewer members all the while the population becomes poorer.

The result more and more become self employed earning even less.

No manufacturing results in societal poverty.Raise you wages make yourself noncompetitive and see how it flies.
3. Raising old age pension
Nechama ,   Hod hasharon   (10.29.17)
What about old ag pension Who can live on nis2100
4. Minimum wages
Shine john ,   Beersheva   (11.02.17)
This is only i am seeing in paper and not getting to employees.i think the government should take care fore this .Agencies are not helping employees and may be one ore two persons may get,but all others are not...i just request to make the wages in an exact way to employees
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