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Israel's water worries return after 4 years of drought
Published: 29.10.17, 13:14
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1. Here is what Israel should do
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (10.29.17)
1) Do NOT share our water resources with the surrounding Arab states or the Arab squatters and imperialists in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

2) Build a desalination plant in northern Israel to consistently pump in desalinated water into the Kineret. And make sure that this system can exactly regulate and adjust the amount of desalinated water pumped into the Kineret and at what exact intervals the water should be pumped in into the Kineret.

To the Knesset and to the Government: stop cackling like senseless and headless hens and get to work!
2. Desalinate the Kinneret Springs
Jake ,   Dallas   (10.29.17)
There are salt water springs within and around the kinneret. Israel could desalinate those springs and desalinate the lower saltier regions of the kinneret. If that happened then the danger to a low kinneret would be lessened. The water would still be potable.
3. Very few could have predicted this level of shortfall
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.30.17)
Over and above the current desalination capacity Does call for additional capacity to ease levels in Kinneret aside from planned additional shared capacity with Jordan to replenish levels in Dead Sea Hopefully with advances in energy efficiency, better membranes these more efficient newer generation plants can help to drive costs of production lower
4. Arab, Jew, Druze, Christian. Just too many people.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (11.02.17)
5. The only realistic solution
Rich ,   Toronto   (11.10.17)
is to pack bags and leave now. Climate change (hot temperatures) will make it impossible to live in Israel by 2050, if not sooner. With an ever increasing population and a decrease in food and water the Holy Land will not be a liveable place.
6. need to take arabs out
zionist forever   (11.22.17)
First thing to do is deport the arab population to Jordan that means the water will stretch further.
Second do not share water with any of the arab states.
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