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UNRWA finds tunnel underneath Gaza school
Elior Levy
Published: 29.10.17, 16:43
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1. Standard practice of Hamas and Hitzbollah
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (10.29.17)
The UNWRA are hypocrites, especially the chief of UNWRA, the Swiss who was previously with the ANTISEMITIC International Red Cross.

They knew it all the time and now they are surprised? Its standard practice of Falastinian coward to hide behind innocent civilians.
Robert ,   Israel   (10.29.17)
Nuuu? Nothing new under the sun. What will UNRWA do now?. As always, NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !!!.....except complaining against Israel.
3. The big surprise is UNRWA's announcement
Ed ,   USA   (10.30.17)
4. clearly .....
steve s   (10.30.17)
Since it is unclear, according to the article, who is responsible for digging the tunnel.......... it will no doubt be blamed on Israel ........ or possibly Sarah Netanyahu.
5. Putting Gazas children DELIBERATELY in harms way
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.30.17)
Contemptible Not seeking to protect them they USE them as human shields whilst Hamas Elite conceal themselves inside underground bunkers
6. how does ....
steve s   (10.30.17)
How does the UNRWA discover tunnels beneath their schools? Does the ground collapse, revealing the tunnel? Do the tunnels have access ports within the school building or grounds which are finally discovered? Do UNRWA teachers hear excavation noises going on beneath them? Are the rockets and weapons stored at the schools a tip-off to the UNRWA that there may be tunnels?
7. Imagine The 'Donut man'
BBB   (11.01.17)
Mark Sherry being in that tunnel
( if he could fit )
wait, he can't be there he lives in a Crusty cream day old outlet.
8. Imagine The 'Donut man'
BBB   (11.01.17)
Mark Sherry being in that tunnel
( if he could fit )
wait, he can't be there he lives in a Crusty cream day old outlet.
9. # 5 Sammy
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (11.01.17)
The pal leaders don't care about children their used as fodder to promote these cowards agenda.
In their 'society' its die or or die later, ( except for them.)
10. I'm dying to read the 'Donut' mans (?) response.
BBB   (11.01.17)
Notice how the creepy looking fruit cake goes silent when the pals are discovered with their hand in the tunnel jar?
Does he still hang out at the Crispy Creams day old bakery?
11. not us .......
steve s   (11.10.17)
Hamas denies having dug the tunnels ......... perhaps it was ancient civilizations who dug these tunnels and reinforced them with concrete and outfitted them with strings of lights. These are marvels of ancient engineering and a truly breathtaking archaeological discovery second only to the great pyramids of Egypt.
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