UNHRC to discuss Israeli women's exclusion
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 30.10.17, 11:59
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1. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (10.30.17)
misguided. should start with Moslem neighbors. and finish. anti Semites at work again!
2. UN doesn't dare investigating women rights in Muslim heholes
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.30.17)
3. Tell them to visit Haifa + Tel Aviv = different story
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.30.17)
4. Jews practice circumcism not castration.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   Levittown, NY   (10.30.17)
Israel is a society that still needs its men. The UNHRC knows by weakening men, Israel's ability to defend itself is then weakened.
5. Kafka would find so much inspiration at the UN-shithole!
Robert ,   Israel   (10.30.17)
Why not also simultaneously discuss about muslim women and their lack of rights? Or is it that muslim women are not considered human beings?
7. Another reason to Defund the UN
ik ,   USA   (10.30.17)
Having this topic on their "crowded" agenda is just mind-boggling.
8. "In Egypt, the Demographic Health Survey in 2000 revealed
A ,   OutThere   (10.30.17)
that 97% of married women surveyed experienced FGC (Female Genital Cutting)" - from the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. And those islamic goat shaggers are going to pass judgement against Israel's treatment of women? Please, Bibi, get Israel out of that $h!thole called the UN ASAP.
9. The burka is obstucting their vision
Ayba ,   Daesh-istan, Israel   (10.30.17)
They're just confused, the female-combat soldiers will now show you to the nearest exit...
10. Defund & destroy the U.N. before it does enormous damage
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.30.17)
Israel is the nation which insanely sacrifices our precious soldiers to save the lives of "Palestinian" terrorists. On the other hand, Christians are suffering genocide in Muslim lands. Women are mass raped and persecuted in Muslim lands. Who does the U.N. bash? Israel, of course.

Truth doesn't matter to the U.N. Its agenda is to inflict the evil New World Order on earth and to rule the world. Jews and Israel have no place in this heinous U.N. agenda. No matter how peaceful, productive, creative and plain wonderful Jews are. Just as a Jews' character was irrelevant to Nazis. They sought to murder all Jews. Period.

The only solution to the U.N. is to defund and destroy it, before it does enormous damage to Jews, Israel and the world.

11. Israeli attendance
howiej ,   New Jersey   (10.30.17)
The Israeli delegation should attend the conference with t-shirts illustrating the stoning of women, the beating of women and the lashing of women in recognizable Muslim nations. They should really go on the offensive against the treatment of women in other nations and the speakers should all be women.
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