PR man defends job offer to key witness in PM wife's suit
Alexandra Lukash and Nir Cohen
Published: 30.10.17, 14:05
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1. jeez ......
steve s   (10.30.17)
It's absurd that this is even a news item. Someone offered someone else a job .......... how is that news?
2. In all the jokes about various professions lawyers are tied
with realtors as no.1 sleaziest of occupations.
We should revise that and add PR-consultants/spinners as undisputed champions of lowest of the low of human endeavor.
3. lots of smoke, but now a job
earl   (10.30.17)
there is a lot of noise around sara netanyahu, returning bottle allegations for money, mistreatment of staff and now a new accuser steps forward.

then there are allegations of lots of free havana cigars, wine or champagne, more than a few. only a moron would accept many cigars and not think anything of it in my opinion.

however, if the lawyer or advocate for this new accuser offered her a job, a woman who is a cleaner, then that itself is very suspicious. it could mean that this is a hit job on the netanyahus. look at some of the articles in ynet, you could see the hatred that some of journalists have for the,, that is very clear.

i am no fan of bibi. his wife i do not know. but if any of the allegations are true, you would expect bibi to tell her to cut it out. how would you expect to defeat nasrollah if you cannot handle domestic situations.

bibi is better than herzog livni lapid and even gabbay but not by much. in fact they are similar. indeed bibi has sort of offered most of the west bank and even golan as concessions if reports are true. but if you look at hisconduct vis a vis iran, hamas and building fences everywhere, one can easily conclude he i s gutless to the core. he wreaks of fear and indecision. he lies his teeth off to the settlers. he grovels, humiliating himself and israel before trump as if israel is not soverign. he even says it...we need trump's approval. this is not a self made man,r ather a spoiled kid talking. bennett if far superior to bibi on the economy and ceertainly in security matters.

the latest is bibi says he is not interested in a bill that would immunize him from legal proceedings during his term. well why was the bill put forward in the first place if not for him. bibi is a snivelling liar in my judgement and shoujld be announce his resignation. he is a spokesman,a communications guy and that is it..
4. fact ...... fiction
steve s   (11.09.17)
Ynet uses the terms "key witness" and "central witness" yet this person has never been questioned by the police and therefore seems to be neither. The print version of Ynet can be found at your local library in the fiction section.
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