Bitan to push 'French Bill' despite coalition rifts
Moran Azulay, Alexandra Lukash and Nir Cohen
Published: 30.10.17, 17:27
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1. no immunity for pm
robert   (10.30.17)
whether he is indicted or not. pm deserves no immunity by delaying prosecution until he leaves office. we cannot have a potential crook leading the state. he says he is disinterested-bullcrap-he's the one who pushed the idea through biton who will back down. the public who do not like herzog lapid livni gabbay and for good reason as they endanger the state, they are sick of bibi and his phony tough guy image when he is exactly like herzog, a cowering grovelling weakling who gives trump a veto on israeli decisions.likud would earn less than 15 seats in an election. so biton will back down/

this stuff didn't come out of nowhere. i call on some of bibi's commando comrades to come forward to tell israelis what bibi did and did not do during his war time service.
2. there is nothing French about this proposed law...
this is a special law for one particular longest serving prime minister!
the passage of this law will be the death knoll for the State of Israel.
3. in order to pass this bill first set up TERM LIMIT for PM
because if not this man will remain PM forever and forever he'll be suckling at the "give it to me for free, I am the Prime Minister" teat!
4. Bitan brow beats people of Israel, People bite PMs dog back!
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