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Train named Anne Frank sparks anger in Germany
Published: 30.10.17, 22:15
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1. This is a double edge sword
Tov ,   Canada   (10.30.17)
For those that lived through the horrors of the holocaust they would see it as
insenitive. And they are correct.

For today's generation this would be a way of honouring Jews who gave so much to the world. It is a reminder of history and reconciliation.

Using the Anne Frank is. neither opinion is right or wrong. In cases like this perhaps it could be seen as a honour. Today Europe and especially Germany is receiving great threats. War is coming and Jews will likely experience the same as it other groups. Fear of the Islamic invasion is in every country of the world.

Germany and Israel are solid trading/economic partners. And will remain so.

In Canada we have statues of those who committed crimes and they are honoured in the history books and are statutory holidays to honour their achievedments - This is a double edge sword.
2. no, not for a train. that was really idiot.
epo   (10.31.17)
3. Nothing Has Changed.
DSM ,   USA   (10.31.17)
What other type of reaction would you expect from Germans.
4. When did Germany became sensitive?
BBB   (11.01.17)
5. FB Terry Quick
BBB   (11.01.17)
I agree.

The second commandment states in part,

' For I the Lord thy G-d am a jealous G-d, visiting the inequities of the fathers upon the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
and shewing mercy unto the thousands that love me and keep my commandments.'

So, it's now 60 plus years = third generation who are feeling the wrath of G-d for the slaughter of 6 million European Jews.

G-d keeps his promises.

6. Where's Waldo AKA the Donut man?
BBB   (11.01.17)
Must be free Donut day,
notice he slithers away when the subject reminds us of the atrocities performed by the Nazis and the 'palestinians?'
7. naming the train A.Frank was stupid and unnecessary.
Z.Latz ,   israel   (11.02.17)
There is already more than enough places named A.Frank.
This is certainly way too much. There were many other people who documented everything they have witnessed in WWII. Why is this pre-occupation with A.Frank ???
8. Jews Never Miss A Chance To Feel Slighted
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.03.17)
To hear you people whine all the time is sickening. Your tribe is nothing but con-artists playing the victim card for money.
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