Hamas warns IDF's tunnel explosion 'grave escalation'
Ynet writers
Published: 30.10.17, 21:21
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Robert ,   Israel   (10.30.17)
According to Hamas statements, we need to understand that the tunnel was supposed to be an inoffensive one, entering israeli land which was dug just for aeration purposes of the Gaza strip when our bad soldiers destroyed all their hard labour, killing several of their devout workers
2. they should not be upset about dispatching them to heaven
jos rechtman ,   la   (10.30.17)
unless they are not true believers. they should celebrate with sweets and song.
3. Hamas builds tunnels under Israeli territory
Philippe Laporte ,   Paris   (10.30.17)
And Israel is the aggressor because it destroys the tunnels.
Pals wake up , stop playing the innocent victims.
You could live in peace if you really wanted peace.
4. OK... so who built the tunnel of death?
Rafi ,   US   (10.30.17)
or should Israel have just ignored it, perhaps installed some improved lighting?

Looks to me like the perpetrators got fully what they deserved.
5. "declaration of war" Was before a declaration of Peace?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.30.17)
6. It seems to me this event could have been avoided.
mark ,   USA   (10.30.17)
All Hamas had to do was declared the tunnel and seek diplomatic recognition of the tunnel. Then negotiate a timely schedule for VIP visits to tunnel.
Of coarse that is all tongue and cheek.

Just who heck to these weasels think they are!!!
7. Omg... the HAMAS guys in wetsuits? Love it! Real SEALs! LOL!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.31.17)
8. Iran's terror proxies, Islamic Jihad and Hamas
C   (10.31.17)
the genocidal shia terror regime uses its terror proxies, islamic jihad and
hamas, in its continued effort to annihilate the sovereign jewish state
of israel.
islamic jihad and hamas are sunni islamic terrorists, yet they cooperate
with shia iran in the common goal to annihilate israel.
the territory of gaza has been turned into an unending terror operation
against israel.
the entire gaza strip is criss crossed by underground terror tunnels.
the entrance of many of them is under schools, mosques and high
rise buildings.
the terrorists attempt to build tunnels whose exit is within sovereign
israeli territory. their purpose is to invade israel through the tunnels
and to kill and kidnap israelis.
gaza and its terror masters are watched constantly.
israel knew of the existence of this terror tunnel for some time.
israel waited to destroy it for the right time.
9. IL must not destroy tunnels crossing into IL.Its unfair!
Alan ,   SA   (10.31.17)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (10.31.17)
to shoot soem rockets in the air, and call it a hard escalation.
11. "There was no intention of eliminating senior militants,"
A ,   OutThere   (10.31.17)
Why not? Cutting off the head of the snake should be permanent Israeli policy.
12. Hamas angry because they didn't get any dead Jews
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.31.17)
from the deal. The want revenge because they didn't have a chance to
kill anyone on the other side. Thankfully, our defense forces and
computers are in full working order. Pray it stays that way.
13. With all the tunnels Hamas built, they can easily run
Peter Falk ,   London , UK   (10.31.17)
the metro under with stops in Cairo or Tel Aviv.
The only problem is that metro stations will be under buildings.
14. sure, it was a provocation... whenever hamas/PA give in
epo   (10.31.17)
and could be ready to talk and negotiate, they will have to pay for their goodwill alone.

15. Civilians? Seriously?
Eric L ,   Chicago   (10.31.17)
Anybody working in/for any terror tunnel is not a civilian-by definition. They are soldiers at war, while Israel has the obligation to stop them. Had Israel allowed a known terror tunnel to operate safely then Israel would have failed in her responsibility-the safety of her citizens. All terror tunnel deaths are the fault of Pal terrorists and only Pal terrorists. Israel will never allow her citizens to be at the mercy of terrorist monsters, and must always stop them. Justice deams that such terrorists deserve to experience the hell they intend for others-and to fail in all their endeavors. These Gazan terrorists got exactly what they deserved.
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