Bennett on tunnel blast: 'We mustn't apologize for killing terrorists'
Moran Azulay
Published: 31.10.17, 10:51
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Tony ,   JBay   (10.31.17)
Robert ,   Israel   (10.31.17)
Muslim terrorists are always the same. They ARE THE PROBLEM but they demand apologies from those that don't want to be assassinated by them. THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT, and the rest of the world is ALWAYS WRONG.
It happenes to ISIS, it happens to Al Qaida and to all the rest of their cohorts.
There is no way of changing their mentality. Centuries of adoctrination created what they are now.
3. He's right,IDF's honchos an archeotype of a cringing dhimmi.
ab   (10.31.17)
4. He gets my vote in the nexy elections.
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (10.31.17)
5. told you netanyahu is a weakling
ron   (10.31.17)
bibi through idf and possibly lieberman explains tunnel hit as not an escalation, simply israel defending itself. so israel is pleading with hamas not to escalate. there is something terribly wrong with bibi, just terribly wrong. how can you promote deterrence if you apologize for hitting terror tunnels.

bennett has it right, israel should act and not boast or apologize for. what do you think hams is doingi anyways? They are preparing for the next war. no bibi has to go. he should be indicted over weakness, let alone cigars.

look at his actions-he says he needs approval on eveyrthing-housing, jerusalem, iran.this is not a prime minister. this is a vacillating weakling.
6. We can't have leaders who apologize to terrorists. Absurd
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.31.17)
The IDF apology to murderous "Palestinian" terrorists is Chelm on steroids with a lot of self loathing added. We can't have leaders who apologize to terrorists. Absurd!
7. Bennet is right
david ,   hadera   (10.31.17)
what other country IN THE WORLD apologises for killing terrorists. AND, the part of the tunnel that was destroyed was in Israeli territory
8. Israeli weakness with Hasbara
Martin ,   Huntingdon UK   (10.31.17)
For years the attitude of the Israeli services was hasbara was not important and only recently appeared to have woken up.
for all of that, an IDF spokesperson was apologetic that the destroyed tunnels actually killed terrorists. This person is a moron and should be replaced immediately. No ifs, no buts. Out means out!
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