Netanyahu warns enemies 'not to test our will'
Ilana Curiel
Published: 31.10.17, 16:00
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1. Has he fired the IDF honcho apologizing for killing tunel te
ab   (10.31.17)
-rrorists ? no+ So his words are a lot of warm air ....
2. there were two memorial ceremonies...
WWI History buff ,   Israel   (10.31.17)
one for the ANZAC forces which the Australians, New Zealanders and Israelis attended...
another for the Turkish-Ottoman forces (and their Axis German ally) which the Australians and New Zealanders attended conspicuously missing from this second ceremony were the Israelis.
Now why was that?
Why was it that the descendants of the ANZAC forces, the Australians and New Zealanders were honorable and noble enough to remember their enemy but the Israelis couldn't be bothered?
3. ab it is clear that you don't understand Hebrew...
JML ,   Israel   (10.31.17)
because if you understood Hebrew and if you had bothered to listen to the commends from the IDF Spokes then you would know that Minister of Education Bennett twisted the IDF Spokes words in order to suit his need to politically attack Minister of Defense Lieberman!
In other words you were sucked into believing Minister of Education Bennett's fake news statements!
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