Senior Palestinian militant says detonated tunnel intended to kidnap Israelis
Elior Levy
Published: 31.10.17, 17:59
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1. "Palestinian" terrorists should be dead. Not imprisoned
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.31.17)
The "Palestinian" terrorist said they intended to kidnap Israelis to exchange for imprisoned terrorists. Israel can destroy this motivation by executing all "Palestinian" terrorists shortly after capture. This sane, life affirming policy would save countless Israeli lives. There is no excuse for keeping captured terrorists alive.
2. hamas says tunnels for kidnapping israelis
manny   (10.31.17)
idf almost apologizes for hitting tunnels. hamas replies saying it is a dangerous escalation;however tunnels intended to kidnap Israelis wants israel to apologize for hitting tunnels. iran says israel is barbaric in its actions. in other words, don't hit tunnels. if you add it up, all the adversaries want Israel dead period.

so what does the idf say? It nearly apologizes for its actions which got bennett upset. this does not happen in a vacuum. the idf takes it cue from netanyahu. the man is a scared rabbit who is afraid of being shot a third time. his whole goal in life is to avoid being shot and to hold onto power. in the meantime, he makes nice to abdullah who routinely stabs in the back, allows sisi to bring in massive no of troops in the sinai in contravention of peace treaty, sells houses in jerusalem and iron dome to russia who shares intelligence with hezbollah and iran, and runs to trump on everything. no wonder the Jews have had so much trouble over the years. it is unbelievable.

as for chosen people, yes cigars, champagne, furniture, concessions--this is chosen????!!
3. big mouth lieberman has turned into bibi
rory   (10.31.17)
lieberman at times does a good job at defense. however, when he pretends he is john kerry or bibi, people see right through him. he attacks bennett for criticizing the idf on hitting the tunnels. well you want an independent thinker, not a bootlicker like bibi. in the gaza war, lapid and livni and yaalon said don't criticize the generals in how they are managing the war. on the contrary, one wants a strong discussion because gantz was half asleep in the gaza war with a lacklustre strategy.

bennet was the one who raised the tunnel issue and got the focus on it. wihtout him, the tunnels would not have been hit if no one criticized the generals.

so leiberman is wrong. i would replace him with gallant in the next bennett govt.
4. Hamas admits the purpose of the tunnels. Target every one.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.31.17)
Hamas has no problems declaring to the world that the tunnels are being dug in order to kidnap Jews and for (obviously) attacking Israelis.

Israel should have no problem equally declaring, "Every tunnel is a target and what is in it and above it are also targets. If a tunnel is a mile long, a mile-long explosion should be expected, destroying whatever is in the tunnel and whatever is above it. This will be our only warning to Hamas."
5. Do we have to physically remove the impotent idiots running
our lives& security before we get what we all truly deserve: a feeling of being in control of our independence and secured wellbeing?
This is beyond the imaginable : our govt. is knowingly accepting Arab attempts at lidnapping our citizens in their beds because of “technicalities?
These are the subhuman inhabitants of Gaza that rely on our goodwill in order to go through their daily lives...!
Fuck: that is unacceptable!!!
6. "an eye for an eye"
C   (10.31.17)
these primitive monsters have never heard of the ten commandments.

if they want their terrorist prisoners, israel should parachute them into
gaza in the dead of night, without parachutes.
7. American establishment should read this: "an eye for an eye"
C   (10.31.17)
i have not much hope for the appeasing american establishment, but
still they should keep themselves informed: "an eye for an eye."

peace cannot be had with primitive monsters who do not even
accept the ten commandments or the modern laws of war.
8. "It was only meant for 'kidnapping"
tiki ,   belgium   (10.31.17)
Oh, well than it's ok!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (11.01.17)
What a weird cult this turned to.
10. Only one suggestion
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (11.09.17)
As Jews we were instructed
" an eye for an eye
a tooth for a tooth
a life for a life."

If this isn't proof enough to initiate the death penalty for terrorists, I don't know what is.

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