PM attends traditional Māori ceremony in Be'er Sheva
Ilana Curiel
Published: 31.10.17, 22:26
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1. Now that was interesting historical note
Cameron   (11.01.17)
I had no idea that Maori personnel were serving in the ME against the Ottoman forces.

I know that NZ & Maori troops are of excellent reputation, and that Rommel regarded them to be the very best forces his Afrika Korps ever came up against in North Africa.
2. Saluting ANZAC and its Maori troops!
WWI History buff ,   Israel   (11.01.17)
Having walked through the British Military Cemeteries in Jerusalem and Ramlah I have seen (thanks to the fact that the British segregated their cemeteries) many graves of Maori soldiers. As such it is possible to clearly see the extent of their service and the Maori you are mighty warriors.
Thank you for your service! :)
3. Tamar in FB to answer your question
WWI History buff ,   Israel   (11.01.17)
The Aussies were definitely there!
ANZAC = Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Please know that The ANZAC force were a World War 1 army corps formed in Egypt in December 1914. As part of the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force ANZAC served during the Battle of Gallipoli.
As a mounted division ANZAC (three Australian brigades and one New Zealander brigade) they served in Egypt and Palestine* under the command of General Murray (Allenby's predecessor) General Allenby.

Please do know that the reason the New Zealanders performed a Haka was to honor all of the ANZAC forces. The Maori are part of New Zealand, there are hakas for all life cycle events including death and remembering. I do not think their intend was to exclude anyone. I do believe that their intent was to honor all ANZAC fallen according to their tradition.

*at the time of World War 1 the area which is now Israel was known as Palestine. I use Palestine for historical accuracy and not to make a political statement.
4. Cameron indeed they were! In fact:
WWI History buff ,   Israel   (11.01.17)
the ANZAC was formed in December 1914 and disbanded in 1916. They were reestablished for WW2.
and indeed all of the ANZAC including the Maori were a well formed and mighty fighting force.
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