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Truck driver kills 8 on bike path in New York terror attack
Associated Press
Published: 01.11.17, 08:15
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1. Muslim terrorist Aidan just murdered innocents in Manhattan
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.31.17)
2. Eyewitness report Muslim terrorist
Yoni ,   Jerusalem   (10.31.17)
According to an eyewitness at the scene the guy got out of his car after running people over holding two guns and screaming allah akbar before being shot by the police
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (11.01.17)
the stupidity of Bush and Obama for giving us Iraq, Syria and Lybia. I would rather read Trump garbage twitter rant than watch innocent people die for bunch of oil $hors on the streets of our country.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (11.01.17)
I do not care what the oraneg head says on twitter or anywhere else. The above three has damaged America beyon repair. I do not care how presdential they may appear on TV or podiums. My deepst sympathy to my fellow New Yorkers in these tough times!
5. NYPD cops cant shoot for SH""""T
Al   (11.01.17)
The perp should have been dropped. NYPD cops carry their pistols cocking as in customary in Israel.

Instead of gushing accolades on the NYPD, Blasio should be telling them to fine tune their shooting skills.

Of course that wont happen from a democratic mayor and governor who view their biggest enemy to be the President of the United States.
6. Ban Truck Rentals!!!!
Don Berrisch ,   Maryland   (11.01.17)
I can't believe this! This is totally wrong!
We need immediate legislation for better truck rental control.
If there were better controls in place it would be harder to
To rent automatic vehicles with 4x4 capabilities... this is absurd...

... what.... and he had a gun! Oh my f#$ing god!!! What the @&#&@%@$#^@%#^.....

7. He yelled alahu akbar?
Gady ,   Mexico City   (11.01.17)
nooo...... really?
yet another expression of the religion of peace
8. Medical Jihad in the USA is far worse than vehicle or plane
Rivkah   (11.01.17)
Jihad. One Muslim M.D. in Detroit murdered THOUSANDS of patients with chemo who did not have cancer who were told they did before he was arrested and tried and sent to life in prison (not death???)! Just a few days ago, the owner of a gas station and lube shop in Visalia, California, DIED when having a colonoscopy at a hospital that employs a lot of Muslims. Texe Marrs of Austin, Texas, said his brother Tony Marrs was murdered by a Muslim Cardiologist who told Tony Marrs to go home when he went to the Muslim Cardiologist's office with chest pain. He was told he had indigestion (a lie to kill him) and he went home and died of the heart attack he was having when he went to the doctor's office! This is repeated all over the USA as the idiot Judges hinder President Trump from trying to stop the Jihad against America. There are no moderate Muslims. There are fake Muslims and killer Jihadi Muslims. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!
9. Fire the cop who shot the terrorist but did not kill him.
Rivkah   (11.01.17)
The attacker had such an impossible name to pronounce ,nobody could successfully say his name ,that he felt socially isolated and extremely angry and wished to punish the world....
I will continue my daily tweets....bu the way ,I blame North Korea for this awful attack in New York,
And you thought Harvey Weinstein was dangerous ??
13. A relatively small incident & price to pay, for the pet-
affliction of the lazy westerners: "inclusiveness"/Kumbaya-"brotherness".
We'd better get used to it, just like they've got used to mass shootings by the lunatic "right to bear arms"- crowd and increasing hurricanes.
14. when will the world wake up
naor assaf ,   jerusalem   (11.01.17)
For the idiot who wrote " perhaps trump will add Florida to the travel ban" and the other guy who thinks when the media stops reporting the attacks will stop only goesrov to prove how complaisance the world is.fundermental Islam is s clear and present danger- your cities are bring taken over- your rights and laws are being attacked by sharia and your citizens subjected to these attacks.Israel has been telling you for years and you either condemn us put us down as troublemakers or blame us for everything.WAKE UP!
15. Obama's judges side with Islamist terrorists
C   (11.01.17)
16. Mark Sherry, FB, Marxist propagandist siding with Islamists
C   (11.01.17)
the monster who murdered eight and wounded fifteen is from uzbakistan.
he was admitted to the united states in 2010 on a diversity visa.
he is a muslim who pledged allegiance to the islamic state. the
papers were found in his truck, together with an islamic state flag.
17. "This stops right here, right now!" 45 on 20.01.2017
JML ,   Israel   (11.01.17)
Yep that is what the 45th President of the US said during his inauguration speech.
I suppose that this terrorist attack means that foreign terrorists listen to POTUS 45 just as much as USA domestic terrorists do! That is NOT AT ALL!
For terrorists both USA domestic and foreign - POTUS 45 is just an orange talking head! America is in sorry sad, deep trouble!
18. 12 million Muslims expelled in Syria. USA do them same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.01.17)
19. Where is Muslim Aidan to criticize Jihadi for provoking USA?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.01.17)
20. Evidence does not exist.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   Levittown, NY   (11.01.17)
21. Muslim Aidan must tell Islam that it is not world police
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.01.17)
22. Muslim terrorist accomplice Aidan is nowhere to be found now
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.01.17)
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