Opinion  Alex Fishman
The national master of missed opportunities
Alex Fishman
Published: 01.11.17, 23:32
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1. Come on dont be so hash on bibi.
Esteban   (11.02.17)
He is a pr rep. He has yet to start his ad company if he doesnt pass
a bill that will make him pm until the end of the decade. Hopefully there will be a center-left gov figure that will replae him. With the drive toward the right, the prospect of having a comedian of international standing as pm becomes realistic

2. there is no oppotunity there to miss
jos rechtman ,   la   (11.02.17)
3. Fishman misses. Obama threatened to attack any Israeli force
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.02.17)
4. Total nonsense
Hayyim Edinburg ,   Ra'anana ISRAEL   (11.02.17)
Mr. Fishman you are spouting total nonsense. The first item after your story absolutely contradicts all you have written. You say HE has done nothing yet the next item says he sent aircraft to bomb facilities in Syria. nuf said. It is time to get real wake up!!
5. the jig is up
ed   (11.02.17)
though bibi is better in security than herzog livni and lapid, israelis looking at his dismal perforance in gaza, and his endless speeches against iran without doing anything about it have tired of him. they do not want him anymore. sure, if herzog was running for pm, he might win by default. but with gabbay running who is positionning labour to the centre perhaps in a phony move, and add to it the alleged sickening revelation of favours , cigars, wine, and finallly his constant white lies to settlers and anyone else, bibi is toast. likud will not win the 26 seats. try 15-20 and that is absolute. the only hope is for likud to replace bibi and fast. saar, bennett, barkat and others can compete. likud will do better with a replacement. coupled with feiglin's new party, and liebermn, likud could still win, but not with bibi. the public is sick of him tired of him.

israelis will see gabbay and lapid make concessions on the west bank so israelis should waait and see bennett, feiglin, saar and barkat.

israel will lose the next war with hezbollah if lapid and gabbay or even bibi are incharge. think about that.
6. Obama prevented Israel from taking any action against Iran
C   (11.02.17)
obama wanted the nuclear deal with iran at any cost.
he had declared already during his first campaign that
he would negotiate with enemies without preconditions, said he, because
peace is made with enemies.
obama sent emisseries every few weeks to isral to threaten him
with retaliation of various strength should netanyahu desobey the
master of the universe. he was threatened with
the downing of israeli warplanes.
the blackmail and extortion of netanyahu continued throughout
obama's presidency, unrelenting.
in israel, no less of a man than meir dagan harassed netanyahu
claiming that obama would take care of everything.
netanyahu's speech to congress was met with much enthusiasm
but congress would have had to go over the head of obama
to declare war on iran. this was politically impossible, or so it seems.
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