Ya'alon: A political murder could happen at any moment
Attilas Somfalvi, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 01.11.17, 17:14
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1. Ya'alon's 100% correct. Recall Bibi's infamous incitement
Rafi ,   US   (11.01.17)
against Y. Rabin z"l, his role in the hideous anti-Rabin rally @ Zion Square in Jerusalem, etc.
2. Such a disappointment this Boogie is! Full of crap too...
3. yaalon too emotional to be defense minister
jeb   (11.01.17)
we need a sobre steady results oriented person who knows how to fight for the defense minister portfolio. yaaon is overly emotional, too philosophical,a nd now be inciting by his warnings. yaalon should have told bibi what to do in the gaza war since bibi is out of his element in the thick of war. shapira noted bibi's passivity. yaalon got hung up on the insolence of bennett attacking gantz on the tunnel issue- and it is a good thing that bennett forced the tunnel issue because on his own bibi was doing nothing according to my recollection.

i would not vote for yaalon, nor would i support him as defense minister again.
4. Yitzhak Rabin's greatest accomplishments...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (11.01.17)
...were most likely on the battlefield and as an officer - not as a politician.

Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak and Yitzhak Rabin were all great soldiers who fought for our country, but what they won on the battlefield, they all three sacrificed politically with their inane "land for peace" formula which is fundamentally flawed, immoral and unpractical, since the conflict isn't about borders, but about Israel's right to exist at all, as an independent and sovereign Jewish nation state.

You don't build countries by retreat and surrender and you don't build countries by selling your native homeland to a foreign empire to fulfill an unrealistic pipedream of making your enemies love you a little bit more and hate you a little bit less.

Sacrificing our land, even for peace, is a crime, in fact high treason. It's not a right to sell one's land neither to alleviate the political pressure from the "international community" nor to satisfy the kleptomaniac expansionist tendencies of the medieval backward despotic Arab states. Selling the land of Israel is NOT a right but a CRIME!

Should the United Kingdom have surrendered its homeland, and should the British have sold their country to Hitler and Nazi Germany?

Should Black Africa and India have sold their native homelands to the British and European empires?

The answer is a most resounding "no", so why should Israel?
5. Every "politician" is a Criminal, especially those in kippah
Z.Latz ,   israel   (11.02.17)
The picture of Benet with Liberman = two criminals.
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