Yuval Rabin critiques PM Netanyahu in Mount Herzl speech
Yael Freidson and Adi Rozenberg
Published: 01.11.17, 16:59
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1. Israel needs REAL investigation of Rabin's murder
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.01.17)
We should have had a real investigation of the Rabin murder 22 years ago. Instead we had a sham investigation, with strong "get the right" political overtones, which blamed a lone rightist assassin. There are literally hundreds of serious inconsistencies with the lone rightist assassin theory. The inconsistencies need to be cleared up. It is crucial to get to the truth, even at this very late stage.
2. Israel needs a REAL investigation of Rabin murder
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.01.17)
Israel should have had a real investigation of the Rabin murder 22 years ago. Instead we got a politically motivated "get the right" sham. There are literally hundreds of serious inconsistencies with the lone rightist theory, which must be cleared up. The need for a real investigation hasn't passed with time. It is still urgently needed to "heal the widening fracture", as Rivlin puts it.
3. Yuval
Michael ,   raanana   (11.01.17)
Yuval proved today what a truly disgusting person he really is.

Stop politicizing the Rabin murder.
4. Preposterous Y.Rabin,whitewashin Arafat,as if Hamas operated
ab   (11.01.17)
in vacuum
Like his mother ,Lea Rabin,who at her dying bed was upbraiding Ehud Barak for not being servile enough to Arafat.

5. Having the likes of B. Netanyahu speak @ a Rabin
Rafi ,   US   (11.01.17)
memorial service defies all logic & decency.

More than any other politician, thru his speeches of incitement prior to the Rabin assassination, Netanyahu is responsible for subsequent events and has blood on his hands.

What an insult to the State, the Rabin family - and above all - to Y. Rabin z"l himself to have Bibi anywhere near Mt Herzl!
6. Yuval shut up.Netanyahu never criticized Rabin for Yoni dead
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.01.17)
FO ,   Belgium   (11.01.17)
Rabin was against the "Two State Solution" he called it the "The Three State Solution". In an Interview Rabin gave to the Belgian TV he said: "The so-called PLO will never be part for negotiations. It does not mean that Israel does not see that there is a Palestinian issue. We believe that the Palestinian issue can and should be solved in a context of peace that will be negotiated between Israel and Jordan. With Jordan we have got borders, south of the Death Sea till the Golf of Aqaba, north of the West Bank along the Beit Shean and the Jordan Valley. Therefore, in a solution, a peace solution between Jordan and Israel, I believe that the Palestinian issue can be solved in a way that the Palestinians will find their right to express their special identity, but, it will never be through the so-called PLO or through a third independent state. Because a third independent state between Jordan and Israel cannot solve the Palestinian issue and will serve as a time bomb against Jordan as well as against Israel". So did Rabin sign the Oslo accords with conviction? Not at all, he was pushed in his back. His daughter Dalia told "Yediot Aharonot" on October 1, 2010, that "many people who were close to father told me that on the eve of the murder he considered stopping the Oslo process because of the terror that was running rampant in the streets, and because he felt that Yasser Arafat was not delivering on his promises". So the question is: was Rabin murdered because he was Pro-Oslo, or was he murdered because he was going to call-off the Oslo-Process?
8. Docter
Dr Shampanier ,   Haifa   (03.20.18)
Mr. Rabin. I would keep my mouth shut if I were you. Your father embezzled the country by tens of thousands of dollars by giving private appearances for 10000$ per hour, being a civil servant without reporting to the tax authorities. When Shimon Peres sent Dan Margalit, he exposed only one account. The tax authority wanted to sentence your father, his good friend Meir Shamgar made a deal with the authority .and with Aharon Barak , to resign and through the felony on your late mother, who knew nothing about the accounts. the proof of the camouflage is that your mother wasn't sentenced. According to Israeli journalists the account contained $25000 (Equivalent of 10-12 big apartments in tel aviv) according to the N.Y. times it became to $99000 . In local value 10 4 room apartments in tel aviv are equal to forty million shekels . How dare you talk about Netanyahu ! If you get to read Uri Milshtein's book about your father you will find many (well documented) things about his military behavior in the 1948 war .
So I can only say :ובעת ההיא החכם ידום.
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