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Trump seeks to terminate US Green Card program
Associated Press
Published: 01.11.17, 21:33
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1. Trump doesn't react then he reacts!
Maria Coelia ,   Israel   (11.02.17)
POTUS 45: Las Vegas domestic terror attack, no reaction, because NRA.
POTUS 45: New York extremist Islamic terror attack, reaction, because xenophobia!
(and don't even talk to me about soft spined liberal bullsh-t! because. word. you know that I know that you know that POTUS 45 is exhibiting segregationist white supremacist, America First! behavior!)
2. that's the ticket! Punish innocent people!
Michael Corleone ,   USA   (11.02.17)
because. domestic terrorism (Las Vegas shooting) is supported by the NRA (National Rifle Association) and the 2nd Amendment (right to carry armies) so no worries, no reaction, no punishment.
The NRA is the largest supporter of domestic terrorism in the USA!
3. "diversity visa program"
C   (11.02.17)
people who devised this so called "diversity visa program" are amazing fools.
the idea of letting into any country people based on a lottery from
countries whose citizens are inimical to western democratic values
is more than naive.
4. terrorism is the least of problm with taking moslems into US
david ,   new york   (11.02.17)
the guy who blows himself up or commits a car ramming, is put in jail or killed in the process and no longer a problem
the bigger problem are those that hate america (and jews) and form no-go zones where they preach hatred and consider the US their enemy (please see france, belgium etc)

look at how antisemitic moslem people are:
you dont want these people in your country
5. Israeli patriots should draw inspiration from Trump
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.03.17)
Trump is working hard to protect America, though he is constantly under fire from dumb destructive leftists. The lunatic Democrat "Diversity Lottery Program" allowed the Muslim terrorist to enter America and murder 8 innocents and maim many more. Who knows how many more terrorists are also taking advantage of this program to plot more murder and mayhem? Trump ignores politically correct rubbish and does what is takes to save American lives and assert American rights. Israeli patriots should draw inspiration from him.
6. diversity = death
BBB   (11.04.17)
a slight of hand and a blot on this program of death.
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