Netanyahu responds to Rabin's son's critiques: 'I know your pain'
Moran Azulay
Published: 01.11.17, 23:15
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1. In 1976 Rabin sent to death Yoni, Netanyahu's brother
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.02.17)
2. Does the son know the pain of tens of thousands families of
" victims of peace" his father's stupid decisions have caused?!
Why does Bibi keep on explaining....?
3. "duty not to rip people to shreds"
T   (11.02.17)
Except where Bibi is concerned, then the left has no problem "ripping people to shreds". Do as I say, not as I do. The Left is the least tolerant of opinions other than its own.
4. PM follows his minions attacks another bereaved family!
Bilbo Baggins ,   The Shire   (11.02.17)
remember? Likud MK Bitan and Likud MK Zohar attacked the bereaved families - Goldin family and Sagi family - from 2014 Operation Protective Edge while PM Netanyahu sat in the same room and did nothing to stop the foul verbal attacks by his minions!
Today, MK Netanyahu attacks another bereaved as usual for the Likud bullies!
5. rabin vs netanyahu
geroge   (11.02.17)
first, it is not easy being pm of Israel. no one should incite violence and that was wrong in the 90s. rabin took responsibility. he tried oslo to directly engage Palestinians. we were all hopeful. it was not to be. when buses were exploding endlessly, one hoped that the arafat gang would have been tossed out since it was a violation of oslo agreements. but that was not to be. there is no point trying another oslo with lapid and gabbay. it won't work now or ever barring some radical change.

however, rabin was basically honest, not selfish, and did not covet or cling to power. whereas bibi hangs on regardless with allegations of self indulgent and tainted behavior. worse. he tells lots of little white lies. rabin also was not a bootlicker which bibi is.

rabin was a brave patriot, an excellent planning general and a goo dman. i disagreed with him on not tossing out the plo from west bank.

bibi on the other hand also means well for israel. but he lacks guts, is self indulgent and is obsessed with power.

no one can deny however, that the security situation with bibi is many times better than it was under the weak peres, the arrogant barak, the security ignroamuses olmert and livni. even in the gaza war,s hapira indirectly criticized lapid for his seucrity ignorance.

so as israelis turn away from bibi, bennett, saar and barkat and feiglin deserve a fresh look. the security situation will be worse under gabbay and lapid. and hamastan will form in the west bank as they will make concessions.
6. Rabin waned to give Golan to Syria ,so much for his judgemen
ab   (11.02.17)
7. Peace
Michael ,   Raanana   (11.02.17)
Where is the peace that Rabin, Peres and the Israeli left promised us? The Israeli left likes to use the Rabin murder to justify its attack on the right for not supporting the unmitigated disaster known as the Oslo, "peace process".
Oslo, was a reckless, poorly thought out process that brought Arafat and his murdering henchman to the land of israel. Result, violence murder, maiming and deaths of thousands of Israelies.
Rabin's death, murder does not change that reality!
FO ,   Belgium   (11.02.17)
Rabin was against the "Two State Solution" he called the "The Three State Solution". In an Interview Rabin gave to the Belgian TV he said: "The so-called PLO will never be part for negotiations. It does not mean that Israel does not see that there is a Palestinian issue. We believe that the Palestinian issue can and should be solved in a context of peace that will be negotiated between Israel and Jordan. With Jordan we have got borders, south of the Death Sea till the Golf of Aqaba, north of the West Bank along the Beit Shean and the Jordan Valley. Therefore, in a solution, a peace solution between Jordan and Israel, I believe that the Palestinian issue can be solved in a way that the Palestinians will find their right to express their special identity, but, it will never be through the so-called PLO or through a third independent state. Because a third independent state between Jordan and Israel cannot solve the Palestinian issue and will serve as a time bomb against Jordan as well as against Israel". So did Rabin sign the Oslo accords with conviction? Not at all, he was pushed in his back to sign it. His daughter Dalia told "Yediot Aharonot" on October 1, 2010, that "many people told me that on the eve of the murder father considered stopping the Oslo process because of the terror that was running rampant in the streets, and that Yasser Arafat was not delivering on his promises". The question is,was Rabin murdered because he was Pro-Oslo, or was he murdered because he was going to call it off?
9. Yuval Rabin: Look at the ELS Scripture code matrix on your
Rivkah   (11.02.17)
your father. It says, "Rabin, traitor, fire, fire." Then look at the ELS Scripture code matrix on PM Benjamin Netanyahu. It says, "Netanyahu, Third Temple." Be careful about attacking someone haShem loves. I wish haShem loved your Dad, too, but your Dad was a traitor to Israel in haShem's eyes.
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