Palestinians protest Balfour Declaration on 100th anniversary
Associated Press, Reuters
Published: 02.11.17, 14:46
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1. "Paleshtina" indeed: after Kurds, Basks, Tibetans, North
Tel Avivians, Southern Warsawians get their state!
Oh: and the Pidgemonts too!
2. Funny Britain reintroduced the word Palestine 100 years ago
Someone   (11.02.17)
The land was not Palestine but Greater Syria where each region had a sub-name. Palestine as we know it didn't exist.

What about Jordan which is nearly 80% of this so called Palestine?

Total nonsense. There were no Palestinians 100 years ago, at least not todays.

Balfour makes no mention of POLITICAL RIGHTS, unlike every other mandate as they were not considered a nation but a group of random tribes some indigenous others new to the land.

The Palestinians have their own autonomy at 95% this is CIVIL AND RELIGIOUS RIGHTS. It is the PLO which doesn't allow the Palestinians civil rights or religious rights if they are not Muslim.

You cant make this stuff up, right out of Goebels Propaganda. Repeat a lie big enough, enough times, and people believe it as reality. Welcome to the Palestinian nation.

3. DEMAND Israeli government let fake "Palestine" fall!
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.02.17)
If we Jews simply acted like normal people, we would not suffer the evil hoax of "Palestine". Jew haters always support the fictional "Palestinian" narrative. But the hoax is not being kept alive by the E.U., U.N., Arab League etc. ONLY Israel keeps the evil hoax alive with constant supplies of food, money, materials, protection, electricity, work permits etc. Without Israeli support, the "Palestine" hoax would fall within weeks.

Normal people don't support their enemies. Can you imagine the WW II Allies showering the Nazis with such support? For heavens sake, Jews, LET'S ACT LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE. Let fake "Palestine" fall!
4. if it weren't so sad, it might be amusing!
WWI History buff ,   Israel   (11.02.17)
The Palestinians are protesting the Balfour Declaration because we (Israelis) hold it so very dear and have turned it into the Litmus test for support of our homeland.
Thing is that if the Palestinians had bothered to do their own research into history...they would have found themselves a whole other additional day on which to protest.
That day would be 4 June 1917 when the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the Cambon Letter! Yep, that's correct. The French issued the Cambon Letter to the Zionist Nahum Sokolow BEFORE Lord Balfour wrote his famous missive!
Thing is that the Cambon Letter is actually far more to the point of supporting our right to a Jewish-Zionist Homeland.

So there we are...narrative, narrative, history, history.
5. BANKSY's identity revealed at last:
Andre ,   Clichy, France   (11.02.17)
BANKSY's identity revealed at last: MOHAMED Something, like so many "Brits" nowadays...
6. You know who else had tea?
Alex ,   Tel Aviv   (11.02.17)
Shitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem! So, puleeeez, give me a break. Calling Balfour a white supremacist when YOUR people were more than happy to side with the Nazis!? You're not getting a state till you STOP murdering your LGBT citizens, till you STOP teaching your children hate and till you STOP oppressing your women. Sounds like a really long way to go... ... ... in the meantime, please sit comfortably and enjoy your tea!
7. It will help them much more to protest Qur'an, corrupt ruler
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.02.17)
8. Balfour "declaration" was bought with bribes and lies
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (11.03.17)
9. The palestinians and democrats should unite
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.03.17)
'two losers' who don't know when to admit defeat.

The saddest part is, president Trump promised the US embassy would be moved to Jerusalem.
That was before the Saudi's bought US weapons and president Trump got out smarted by some very old merchants at the very old bazaar.

That sword dance wasn't in his honor nor did it signal anything less than a
victory for the Saudi's that on the surface seemed like a good idea for America defense jobs, it wasn't that at all it was the pay off for the Saudis who bought Trump lock stock and barrel for some measly weapons that the Saudi's aren't smart enough to facilitate.
Had Trump honored his word, there'd be no palestine claims to Jerusalem or to Israel and would have been an international hero with cojones that went clang, clang clang.

10. save those signs ........
steve s   (11.07.17)
Save the signs, as they'll come in handy at the protests for the 200 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. Time moves on for everyone but the Arabs.
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