No humanitarian help to Hamas until soldiers returned
Ynet reporters
Published: 02.11.17, 17:16
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1. Islamists are truly monstrous
C   (11.02.17)
islamists are holding dead bodies of israelis to barter for their mass murdering
terror friends.
Robert ,   Israel   (11.02.17)
The big problem here is that the two israeli soldiers, dead or alive, are worth a lot to us, and the muslim terrorists trapped in the collapsed tunnel, are worth nothing to the muslim side. They don't mind how many of them were killed. Just remember in the last war against hamas, their terrorists used to hide behind women and children and also put them in the first row to be killed by IDF in order to call attention of the international press against the "jewish murderers".
3. machsom watch and haaretz imbeciles
ian   (11.02.17)
machsom watch with likely haaretz full support went to show support to west bank arabs and nearly got lynched but for saving by idf forces. the idf should not have gone since these wayward oslo souls picket idf and launch legal petition against settlers at every turn. you dumb morons. this also applies to the blind and dumb haaretz writers who show incredible ignorance of reality on the ground.

next time, idf will not come to save you.
4. A bad declaration
DSM ,   USA   (11.02.17)
"without progress" ??? If Israel is serious it should be "no humanitarian help ever until returned".
5. Wankers - nothing more can be said
Adam ,   LONDON   (11.02.17)
6. Israel makes no unreasonable demand in this 'drama'
Cameron   (11.03.17)
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