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North Korea claims 'gangster US imperialists' practiced surprise attack
Published: 03.11.17, 10:50
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1. Mark Sherry, FB
C   (11.03.17)
this marxist failed propagandist would want to see the united states and
israel destroyed by any enemy.
the ideology of marsist consists essentially of hatred for the us which
they consider as their imperial enemy.
2. Nixon/Kissinger China policy has turned into a disaster
C   (11.03.17)
they turned china into a world power without getting anything tangible
in return.
they gave up pro-western taiwan, for a nuclear north korea.
the united states has been led by fools who have no understanding
of world affairs.
however much trump is hated by people at home and abroad,
he has a visceral understanding of enemies of his country.
china will do very little to solve the north korean crisis.
china is not bothered by a nuclear north korea.
what china does not want is a unified korean peninsula.
3. An Open Door?
Martin Baker ,   Philadelphia   (11.04.17)
The President is so intent on dictating final terms he seems to be missing the value of his victories. When Un pulled back from his Guam threat in August that seemed to be the time to initiate dialogue to resolve this standoff. But neither the President or Secretary Tillerson allowed Un to save face. They humiliated him by saying that he was learning to "respect us".

So an angry Un then engaged in relentless provocations via missile launches and the apparent hydrogen bomb test. Evidently the disastrous results of that test and the considerable adjustments required to get that section of their nuclear weapons program back on track (as well as the UN sanctions and China's increased disengagement) cooled Un's rhetoric.

One could interpret Un's surprising image transformation this past weekend from the world's "bad boy" to a stable family man as a further invitation for the US to initiate open dialogue. The North Korean press had practically ignored two displays of US air power; also indicative of a conciliatory inclination.

The President chose to let the military go ahead with their exercises yesterday instead. The harsh rhetoric from the North Koreans has returned. Perhaps a door to a solution was open. All the President had to do was walk through it, not demanding: he'd already won and his position - no nuclear weapons - was clear, but asking of them what the US could do to make it happen.
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