Netanyahu expresses hope for US peace push in Middle East
Published: 03.11.17, 20:53
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1. This is how war with Iran can be avoided or averted or
Rivkah   (11.03.17)
delayed. With haShem ALL things are possible, so pray for peace in Yerushalayim so there will be peace in the world. The Psalm 83 War was averted since it would have happened in 1983 which corresponds with Psalm 83. When it did not happen then, that was war averted by haShem because people (myself included) prayed for peace in Yerushalayim so there will be peace in the world. Look at Psalm 39-45 and you will see the holocaust of Jews in Europe described since those Psalms corresponded to 1939 to 1945. Read J.R. Church's Prophecies in the Psalms to get more insights.
2. No Habibi: it’ll buy Iranians few quiet years to get d Bomb!
3. Try to change your wife instead of changing adeal that works
Nutsyyyyahuuuuuuuuuu   (11.03.17)
why don't u show us your negotiating skills and directly negotiate with iran
4. Bibi must know Iran isn't honoring the deal
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.03.17)
Bibi must know Iran isn't honoring the deal. It's an atrocious deal in the first place. Hopefully, Bibi has a strategy in place to stop the Mad Mullahs from building nukes, but the deal is worthless. Why do you think Iran refuses to allow inspections of their nuke sites?
5. I can understand these words, and their
erin ,   usa   (11.03.17)
real world effects, all too clearly.

"Netanyahu added now things were up to President Trump. "The greater danger lies in Iran following the agreement but still reaching a nuclear bomb," he cautioned."

6. NOT ONE SQUARE INCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.03.17)
7. Netanyahu drank the Trump Kool-Aid! He's channeling him too!
and so Israel is no longer is a nation whose leader knows only to pay tribute to the US's Trump.
This is not a good situation to be in.
8. bibi is simply full of it
geroge   (11.03.17)
bibi is a liar, weakling and disconnected from reality.what else can you say about him saying he is hopeful about trump's mid east push for peace. and hamas saying israeli land is their land right into tel aviv.

i call on bibi's fellow soldiers in the commando to come forward to tell israelis bibi's performance as a commando. a leader cannot be so weak and fearful as bibi.
9. Yes, it's a "flaw": Iranians getting the Bomb& Arabs in
Delphi   (11.04.17)
general wanting us dead, drowned/burned and buried (or even not that)
Otherwise, the deal is dandy, piss-initiatives are welcomed & blessed and this will go on indefinitely, I guess??
10. Trump isn't giving in he's giving up by
BBB   (11.04.17)
making the saudi's happy by NOT moving the US embassy as he promised.
If this promise had been kept, the pals would have no claim on Jerusalem or Israel for that matter.
Hmm, just think a 'cheap sword dance' and a sale of US weapons made this deal the worst one yet by Trump.
The Saudi's have been squatting at his bazaar a lot longer than Trump who sold Israel down the river for some Saudis crap.
And, I like Trump just not this back handed treachery called 'in hopes of a peace deal.'
11. his fahrer said he didn't measure up
ed   (11.04.17)
bibi's father said bibi didnot measure up-no more than a press attache. so he exaggerates, lies about peace talks and now arab israeli allianances which don't count for much. he talks big about what israel will do with iran and his deeds are smalll.

bibi's run is done. he is only pm because israelis want no part ofherzog, lapid and livni regardless of polls. he is a master of small white lies. he projects fear everywhere he goes pleading for help from this guy or that.

throw him out of office. vote bennett.
12. he should stop hoping and just prepare
C   (11.04.17)
there will never be peace with the islamists.
even the secular marixst arabs want to destroy israel.
13. herzog no 2
martin   (11.05.17)
bibi is herzog no 2.. he will not take any position on his own shoulders-he has no conviction except to maintain power. settlements-wait i'll check with trump. vote to return settlers to northern Samaria-wait, i'll check with trump. on the other hand, vote to immunize him until he leaves office, that he lets biton run with until it was blocked. he has no guts.

iran-bla, bla,bla,,, trump, obama please take care of iran because we can not do it alone.

bibi promotes war by his weakness.

he was not considered higher officer material according to my recollection of literature. now you know why.
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