Rare Syrian suicide attack drives IDF to offer help
Roi Kais and Yoav Zitun
Published: 03.11.17, 15:40
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1. The Druze are our brothers!
2. leftist garbage pickers
joe   (11.03.17)
organizaations wanting israel to allow hamas to search tunnels tells you all you need to know about theml gutless, weaklings, appeasers. while israelis and remains rot in gaza unreleased, they want israel toallow hamas the search. unreal, self defeating, and get out the white flag of surrender.

near lynching by arabs in the west bank is not enough to change minds. these lefts are utter garbage, rottten spoiled weakllings.
3. None of them serves in the IDF,it was an occasion for them
ab   (11.03.17)
to destroy border fence,let them live in their beloved Syria under Assad,why to "retrieve " these cunning posturers ?!
4. TBers 2 and 3 you know nothing!
Our Druze Brethren serve in the IDF...they are loyal warriors whose principle concern is to serve the State.
I know, my husband served with Druze in the IDF and a good thing too on more than one occasion they covered his back!
So do me a favor, leave the Druze out of your dirty mouths!
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