Hamas: 'No information on Israeli MIAs in return for missing men in tunnel'
Ynet reporters
Published: 03.11.17, 17:22
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1. They are correct
dee ,   st louis   (11.03.17)
Israel once gave up hundreds of killers to the Hezbollah for the bodies of 2 Israelis. That was crazy, and was an embarrassment for the free world. Then Israel gave up hundreds of more killers for Shalit.... as if Israel was a country of cowardly grandmas. While I hate terrorists, Israel should learn from their behavior regarding dead bodies... stop being pathetic and weak.
2. Pigs can clean the tunnels.
BBB   (11.03.17)
Nibble nibble chomp chomp.
3. Let them rot underground
Charles ,   Paris_France   (11.03.17)
If the Pals want to be martyrs, let's give them a helping hand and do nothing.
4. I'm quite sure Israel'll capitulate-as always
ab   (11.03.17)
If it wanted to show resolve it'd have forbidden hateful Gazans to enter Israeli hopitals-but Gazans regard it as their "inalienabl right" and dhimmi Israel acquiesces
Cameron   (11.03.17)
A rather nice tally of evil ragheads buried alive deep underground I must say.

Definitely one of those moments of keepin' it ME real.
6. Dig them up& feed to pigs, a most fitting Shahid-ending!
7. they will never get back their murdering jihadi terrorists
C   (11.03.17)
israel should make it clear to these murdering thugs that there will never
again be a shalit deal.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (11.04.17)
MULLAHS. You will not win like this. You can only win Israel by engaging her on the political arena, The era of macho show boating is really over.
9. no deal unless israelis alive and remains returned.
iraj   (11.04.17)
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