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ADL reports 67% hike in US anti-Semitic incidents
Itamar Eichner
Published: 03.11.17, 22:58
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1. I wonder why! Maybe demographics. Maybe Jewish Dem support.
Alan ,   SA   (11.04.17)
2. USA is such underdeveloped, fertile soil for antisemitism,it
Delphi   (11.04.17)
is indeed amazing, that it took them such long time in order to fully realize the potential.
Thanks to the Religion of Piss and the ever so gullible& monumentally stupid brothers and sisters of our Jewish faith (supporting blindly any/everything"progressive"/"democratic") this time-honored occupation of so many before them shall finally blossom in its full glory.
Just give it more time.....
3. Hatred of Jews in California by the general population and
Rivkah   (11.04.17)
the police and courts brings horrific judgments of drought, fires, deficits, and even the deaths of police from the misuse of haShem's authority since haShem will not protect the economy or police or land or people who attack His elect, those who are Jews in their hearts who are wrongly accused and wrongly prosecuted and often wrongly convicted because of anti-Semitism. Perjury is a popular method of attack when nothing else can be found to attack Jews. Vandalism is another M.O. of the anti-semites who hate Jews who are Jews in their hearts. Why does Satan hate the Jews who are Jews in their hearts so much? Because Satan hates what haShem loves.
4. Remember the KKK was begun by Democrats.
BBB   (11.05.17)
I asked G-d to forgive me for once having been an ignorant democrat.
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