20 Ferrari vehicles drive through Western Wall plaza
Yael Freidson and Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 03.11.17, 23:58
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1. How funk!
Cameron   (11.04.17)
Murmur your prayers, then hop into the select Ferrari parked right next to you and speed away.

Too cool.
2. little Italian cars can go where Jewish women cannot!
:   (11.04.17)
where is the rabbi of the Wall? Did he get paid to ignore this?
3. It's a well known fact: God drives Ferrari, what else?!
Delphi   (11.04.17)
4. Practice religion in your home where nobody sees you.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.04.17)
The plaza belongs to all the people and legal parking there is the privilege of us all. If you want an exclusive privacy pray at home. You will be doing us all a great favor, a mitzvah really.
5. Throw huge boulders at the cars.
BBB   (11.04.17)
A few wrecked anti semitic owned cars will get the message Or, crush them all and stick them up their....
6. You sound like a Nazi.
BBB   (11.04.17)
Israel is a Jewish nation, why hide your light under a bushel?
Proud, Jewish and unashamed.
7. This is a NEW Westwall Shopping Plaza - Thank You Ferrari!!!
8. So now will the UNHRC will add Ferrari to their blacklist
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.04.17)
of businesses that connive with the "occupation" of Jewish heritage sites by Jews? For sure, Ferrari will have upset the BDS maniacs. Which, on reflection, is not a bad thing at all.
9. sick stunt. disgusting. the end
Yoni ,   Tel-Aviv   (11.04.17)
sick and disgusting marketing stunt. legal or not, permitted or not it is shameful. i'll be personally importing my next Maserati. i will NOT shop at Auto Italia ever again.
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