Israeli Druze warn: don't stop us from aiding Hader
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 04.11.17, 10:36
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1. Nothing can make Arabs into "menschen", such pity!
2. Israeli Druze are Israeli
C   (11.04.17)
israel's national security and foreign policy are determined by the government.
3. This whole Middle East,,,,,,,,
Rob ,   Boston, Mass   (11.04.17)
This whole Middle East was turned upside down when these Euro-Amero "Fake Jew" crackers touched down on this soil and the world knows it. Druze have been genetically found to be Khazars, a peoples home is Eastern Europe. The "Devil in the Details" is an understatement as to the reality of Ezekiel 39:19. Just think "earthquake".
4. Israel must stop the Druze
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.05.17)
Unless Israel is to become just like all the Islamofascist regimes, we must control our borders period.

No independent organizations can be allowed to attack from Israel, all action must be by the government.

Otherwise we become our own enemy
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