Despite promises, gold winning Judoka set to be deported
Oren Aharoni
Published: 04.11.17, 16:23
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1. Strange story, but then again: when you have a convicted
crook of Middle-Ages persuasion in charge of important stuff in a 21-st Century country, things are bound to get whacky!
2. Deport them all.
olim hadashim ,   Tel Aviv   (11.04.17)
3. what! just run her through the conversion to Judaism mill...
you know the one...the old conversion to Judaism mill we used to Kosher basketball players and soccer players who we wanted on our teams!
(what? the mill is only good for men you say?
4. # 2 Your part of all.
BBB   (11.04.17)
Should you be deported as well?
5. Why haven't they MARRIED? Wouldn't that get her visa
Rivkah   (11.05.17)
extended or is marriage to an Israeli no longer a door to residency with one's spouse?
6. Let her stay!
AYAY ,   Mumbai   (11.16.17)
Israel has so many illegals who are not deported. Why not let this person stay?
7. Status for a Foreign Domestic Partner of an Israeli Citizen
Doron ,   Haifa   (11.22.17)
There shouldn't be a problem. Visas can be granted to non-married spouses of Israeli citizens.
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