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Saudis arrest 11 princes, dozens of ex-ministers in shake-up
Associated Press
Published: 05.11.17, 08:56
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1. this was very well planned
C   (11.05.17)
furthermore, the men arrested were part of the saudi kingdom's ruling
the crown prince must have had help from foreign interests.
when obama was president, the bin ladens were left alone.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (11.05.17)
3. Nice start, if only as next step, they could place a stick
of dynamite in their derriere and light the fuse....
too nice to even contemplate.
4. Where's Waldo AKA 'donut' dimwit to explain this one?
BBB   (11.05.17)
Oh, that's right at the day old donut outlet.

Fat anti semitic azz.
5. New Arab rulers always come with expectation to be different
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.05.17)
They all end up being the incompetent, corrupt and vile dictators as their predecessors.

Recall when Bashar Al Assad came to power how many hopes for positive change were pinned on him.

It is clear today that this was wishful thinking of the worst kind.
6. this is how to take care of Kleptocrats!
7. Score card please...
bubba ,   Israel   (11.06.17)
are the arrested and deposed friends of Donald Trump or is the Crown Prince Donald Trump's friend?
How will this affect our region?
Will Israel benefit from this change or will it harm Israel?
8. It has to do with breaking up line of succession not corrupt
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.06.17)
Eliminating potentially threatening rivals in one's family is an ancient Arab tradition.
9. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (11.06.17)
princes shminces, sons of camel herders.
wahabi exports that cause problems is now problem in SA. Muslim states should make effort to better economy for people rather than kill and destroy.will never be peace stable.
10. roma lol
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (11.06.17)
You have a curious sense of humor.
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