AG: 'I'm being attacked from all directions by the government'
Published: 05.11.17, 09:38
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1. Mendelblick
Eli Minoff ,   Safed   (11.05.17)
Who says that Israel is a democracy ?? Big mistake to believe this. Israel is slowly but surely becoming a fasc
2. You are not alone! we have your back! keep up the good work!
JML ,   Israel   (11.05.17)
3. Glad to see a scummy AG/Lawyer get a taste of what he/she
Rivkah   (11.05.17)
dishes out to others. There is a book called "Two Felonies a Day" that shows that there are so many laws in the USA that even babies can be charged with two felonies a day. That is how corrupt the system is in the USA in attacking the innocent for kickbacks from private prisons and other incentives to criminalize anybody and everybody. It is sickening and because there is so much corruption, government lawyers who attack the innocent cannot expect to enter eternal life. They are an abomination to haShem for blaspheming the Ruach HaKadosh who is the witness in courtroom procedures. Police and DA's and AG's who misuse haShem's authority will not enter eternal life because haShem does not want them in His kingdom. They are scum. As Martha Stewart said of James Comey who prosecuted her, "Dear James...he is VICIOUS." Such vicious people who hound and frame people and twist their words like happened to Pastor Jim Bakker who was successfully defended in a retrial by Attorney Alan Dershowitz pro bono, Pastor Bakker's words were spliced from different programs to make it sound like he said something he didn't. AG's and DA's are dogs, scum to do things like that.
4. its so easy... just arrest all these bribers already, and wi
epo   (11.05.17)
th this, 100% of the idiot bill proposers are out of the way, too
5. they could have top notch experienced staff - they dont hire
epo   (11.05.17)
6. they make IQ test to avoid dealing with intelligent ppl
epo   (11.05.17)
7. herzog no 3
jerzy   (11.05.17)
mandlebilt reportedly is now bemoaning critics all all sides. he acts like herzog #3. get off your tuches and make decisions already. on bibi and sara it is easy-indict.

herzog is in a class by himself. his policy is as soon as a terrorist lauches an attack, he says build a fence, offers concessions and run to trump. he is number 1.

#2 herzog is bibi, his twin. there is something wrong perhaps being raised by a professor father in a strict household. bibi has no onfidence in himself, zero and fears take precedence over we will fight to the very end. fear paralyzes him and he has not been able to overcome it.

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