PM's aide allegedly tried to get new job for woman suing Mrs. Netanyahu
Itamar Eichner
Published: 05.11.17, 10:25
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1. these ladies desperately need root work!
Emett ,   Israel   (11.05.17)
If you wish you may read as: these ladies desperately need root work on their hair. However, you may wish to read it as: these ladies desperately need root work in order to remember where they came that they will remember the true meaning of the word humility!

2. One thing is certain: judging by the faces of the various
"aides/helpers/domestic help", the Netanyahus are lousy judges of character....
and that's an understatement.

3. if allegations are significant, indict
maury   (11.05.17)
mandlebilt-don't take bloody forever. if data is sufficent, indict pm and his wife. they can defend themselves in court. as for immunity bill, bibi is a coward to hide behind biton who is trying to get immunity.

imagine if olmert had immunity, he would have given away most of west bank, possibly even golan and east jerusalem. israel is a nation of shmucks-no other way to say it how you could come up with this.

as for bibi, he lies his teeth off to settlers, on death penalty evenon iran since he has no intention to take mliitary action, anybody but him. this is no commando, he doesn't think like one, he walks around clueless on what to do in gaza or hezbollah.

and he is pm for 15 years?? Nasrollah will defeat bibi if it comes to antoehr war. bib doesn't have the strength to launch and sustain such a war. he radiates fear.
4. big news ......
steve s   (11.06.17)
Wow ........ someone tried to get someone else a job. That's headline material. Oh, wait ........ the media alleges it was to keep someone quiet. Well then it is rumor mongering. Pathetic journalism.
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