Opinion  Alex Fishman
In protection of Druze, Israel gave up security interests in Golan
Alex Fishman
Published: 05.11.17, 21:09
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1. Idiotic decision,Golan Druze refuse to serve in the IDF
ab   (11.05.17)
2. lol
shachalnur ,   amsterdam   (11.05.17)
Is that all the Hasbara department could come up with?

A 'blood convenant 'with the Druze,over helping Al Qaeda?.

And you want to be taken seriously.

The game has changed,Israel backed the wrong horse in Syria and the rest of the ME.

Rothschild is out,he pulled the plug on this enterprise ,BRICS took over.

You stick to Rothschild ,your sugardaddy and enabler, you'll go down with him.

Just like most US Jews, you are on the wrong side of history.

Very few Jews left who understand what's going on ,they might be the only survivors when your Pharao in London will be stopped.

3. Excellent analysis of very complex situation by A. Fishman
Rafi ,   US   (11.05.17)
Clearly Israel needs to remain iron strong & tough on its borders... No citizens or residents (Druze or Haredi) should ever be allowed to riot out of control...

Meanwhile Israel obviously needs to avoid being directly drawn into Syrian civil conflict...

But no matter how aligned Israel may be with anti-regime rebels along its borders, it cannot stand by and allow massacre of Druze villagers across the border.

Based on Dr Fishman's article, it seems that the rebels broke their agreement with Israel to not molest the Druze villagers...

For NOW the Syrian army has stepped in... but their presence is likely to prove very short-lived for all the reasons Dr Fishman mentioned.
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