Coalition chairman seeks alternative immunity bill
Amihai Attali, Tova Tzimuki
Published: 05.11.17, 15:30
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1. israel is a powerful state
mark   (11.05.17)
the fact is Israel is a powerful state for its size but you would not know it the way netanyahu leads it. the man begs putin and trump to save poor israel from iran. he only believes in clinging to power;settlements yes one day, no the next, the same thing on housing, on death penalty; his ridiculous statements on peace talks are bald lies.

no love for obama who was sympathetic big time to the arab world which is his right. but when his underlings called bibi chickensh*t, they were exactly right.bibi is a born coward, deep in his bones.
2. the Likud party needs an alternative to its leadership!
Sally Carol   (11.05.17)
otherwise this leadership will take down not only the Likud party but also the State of Israel!
3. Israel is already a 3rd world dictatorship.
Jon   (11.05.17)
Guys, it is time to bail out. I did it years ago and not coming even to visit. My friends are coming to visit me in Europe.
4. Jon, surely you come in for your mother's birthday!
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