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Sacked Catalonia leader turns self in to Belgian authorities
Published: 05.11.17, 15:47
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1. You know what? For once: NOT my bloody business!!!!
2. finally! He didn't use what he learned from the Pujols!
Alegra ,   Israel   (11.05.17)
You know, the Kleptocratic Pujol family of Catalonia! They threw everyone they could (including the citizens of Catalonia) under the wagon wheels in attempt to save themselves.
So even though Puigdemont violated the rule of law of Spain and the rule of law of his own Autonomous Region - least now it looks like he's going to man-up and face the consequences of what he's done!
I feel sorry for the people of Catalonia ... once they were a wealthy bread basket now they have lost over 2,000 companies (over half of them Catalan companies) to other autonomous regions of Spain.
Meaning that the financial damage that Puigdemont and his cabal have caused will cost the Catalan people of Spain a great deal!
3. How different from Great Britain (U.K.) where Scotland voted
Rivkah   (11.05.17)
about secession and chose to remain in the U.K. How different from the E.U. that allowed the U.K. to vote on secession and to leave the E.U. People in Catalonia (Basques) are treated like shit. Just look what happened to Spanish Infanta (Princess) Christina for marrying a Basque. She was put on trial when innocent on a bogus crime made up by the government that hates Catalonians and taught the Infanta a lesson and she surrendered the Dukedom bestowed upon her and her husband when she married. Her husband was sent to prison for 6 years and I believe it was because he dared to marry a Spaniard since Catalonians (Basques) are not considered real Spaniards. A girlfriend from college married two Basques in her lifetime and the sheep herder heritage of the Basques is despised by most Spaniards, just as the ancient Hebrews were despised in Egypt. because they were shepherds in Egypt.
4. Steve as usual you are 100% wrong!
5. psst Rivkah Basques are NOT Catalans...
Billha   (11.05.17)
no really the Basque come from the Autonomous Region of Euskadi. FYI Basque country is split between France and Spain. In France they have no separate rights...they are merely French citizens. In Spain they are Spanish citizens with special rights which protect their culture and language. The Spanish Autonomous Region of Euskadi is in Northern Spain. It is bordered by the Bay of Bisque and faces towards the United Kingdom and Ireland. Catalans come from the Autonomous Region of Catalonia. Catalonia is located in southern Spain. Catalonia borders on the Mediterranean Sea and Southern France. Their language is a combination of French Languedoc (Occitan French) and Spanish.
Which all comes to say...Rivkah your best option is to be quiet ... for you have no idea what you are talking about!
6. Will someone from Euskadi, Catalonia and/or Spain please...
Katanga   (11.06.17)
explain to Rivkah the difference between Euskadi and Catalonia?

Meantime Rivkah take your meds, get off the computer and please oh please stop spewing forth your stupidity!

hint: you are actually on safer ground when you are carrying on about the Bible Codes!
7. Rivka you have just insulted the Basques and the Catalans...
Billha   (11.06.17)
they are NOT the same peoples!
The Basque do not come from Catalonia they come from Euskadi!
You are radically confused.
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