IDF holds bodies of 5 missing Islamic Jihad militants
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy and Liad Osmo
Published: 05.11.17, 19:06
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1. And they're right,Israel capitulates as always
ab   (11.05.17)
2. now you have your own fine set of cards for the game
Cameron   (11.05.17)
Hang 'em on a meat hook till yer ready for trading time.
3. Know how to recover? Please dig another tunnel Islamic Satan
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.05.17)
4. A Burial Soaked in Pigs Blood and Wrapped in Bacon
marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.05.17)
Since Ham_Ass don't want to cooperate and swap for the bodies of deceased Israelis - a burial where the burial shroud is soaked in pigs blood and each corpse wrapped in bacon is appropriate.
5. Adala, Islamic terror supporters
C   (11.05.17)
adala wants to help the mortal enemies of israel.
6. High Court of Justice has no jurisdiction on national securi
C   (11.05.17)
the high court of justice cannot have jurisdiction over matters of national
security. this is especially so when operations are still ongoing.

anytime the high court of justice meddles in matters of national security,
it risks siding with enemies of the state.
there are good reasons for depriving the high court of jurisdiction
on national security matters:
the court does not have access to intelligence which is pertinent;
the court does not have access to information regarding the
state's dealings with foreign governments;
the court does not have access to military strategy or tactics.
any decision by the high court on this matter would be made
based on idealistic considerations which have no bearing
on the case.
7. Jonathan Walt, FB
C   (11.05.17)
muslims do not do quid pro quo.
for them, quid pro quo is a western imperialist concept, as opposed to
their sharia concept of "an eye for an eye."

please note, that they have already rejected an equitable exchange out
of hand. they are already threatening israel with abductions of
8. Adala
Serge ,   Antwerp   (11.06.17)
is Adala the law department of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad ?
9. "the nuclear war that Trump is trying to start."
A ,   OutThere   (11.06.17)
Maybe if you offer Nasrallah a few boxes of donuts and pizzas, he'll let you share his sewer. You'll be as safe as two pigs in a pen, Porky.
10. "Real Heroes !!"
A ,   OutThere   (11.06.17)
Rotting, stinking islamic corpses.
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