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Multiple deaths in shooting at Texas church, gunman dead
Associated Press
Published: 05.11.17, 22:59
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1. Condolences to the families, healing for the injured...
Katanga   (11.05.17)
and remember America doesn't need to import terrorist...they have many home grown (domestic) terrorist and the largest terrorist organization in the USA? Well that would be the NRA!
2. May GOD be with you
Tova ,   Canada   (11.06.17)
And restore you.
3. The Standard American Drill...
Rachel ,   Israel   (11.06.17)
Republicans will offer prayers.
Democrats will want to pass a gun control law.
Republicans will chide the Democrats for opportunistically politicizing the situation.
Democrats will grind their teeth.
Republicans will receive another check from the US National Rifle Association (NRA).
You know the NRA? Aren't they really just largest domestic terror organization in the USA?
Everyone will then carry on until the next mass shooting carried out by a mentally disturbed white native born American (don't you know? white mass murderers are always mentally disturbed!)
A small flutter will be felt if the next mass shooting is carried out by a non-native, non-white, non-Christian person. Then the drill changes slightly to call for the death penalty for the perpetrator.
The NRA is NOT interested in protecting Americans.
The NRA is interested in selling Americans more and more guns so that more and more Americans will become cannon fodder!
4. The shooter is in the worst place in hell, the area for
Rivkah   (11.06.17)
mass murderers. It is far worse for him now than for any of the people he killed.
5. heartfelt condolences
jochair thijssen   (11.06.17)
massacres hardly leave an impression anymore.
now if the shooter only had killed himself before the massacre, that would have great impact.
6. New fad or attention-getting or mentally ill or jihadist
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.06.17)
Other news gave shooter's age as 26 and white American.
As I remember Las Vegas shooting, I come up with the above
reasons for U.S. suddenly getting all this GUN attention.
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