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Larry David makes light of Holocaust, sexual misconduct on SNL
Published: 06.11.17, 08:42
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1. Not funny
Haim   (11.06.17)
The skit was not even funny, it looked like Larry was constipated...
2. could he?
Katanga   (11.06.17)
disrespect for the Holocaust combined with disrespect for women.
What kind of self-hating anti-semitic misogynist is this person!
Defenestration is the correct response!
3. Larry David
Joel yellin ,   New York   (11.06.17)
He crossed the line and ended his career as only Larry David could do, right out of a movie.
4. He's a highly talented idiot on so many different levels, so
Delphi   (11.06.17)
it's hard to pinpoint the whole package.
Besides: going where nobody else dares, is how you "make your bones" in comedy...
Goes with the territory.
5. Sex crazed Jews make tribesmen feel ashamed. Herpa l'netzah.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.06.17)
6. That guy's funny!
Yonatan ,   Tel Aviv   (11.06.17)
It's Larry David. This is the kind of joke he makes. And coming from a Jew in Israel, I love it. Keep it up, Mr. David!
7. The nauseating "comic."
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.12.17)
Years ago I read that in the Warsaw ghetto prostitution was rampant.
This was the way to survival by the young prostitutes and their families. I think even Ringenbloom (sp.?) wrote about it in his ghetto memoirs that survived hidden in milk cans. Maybe this is why the shithead Larry David joked about Jewish prostitution during Holocaust? I am not wise enough to recognize a joke while suffering from nausea from David's stupidities.
8. Surviving Jews whose entire families were murdered....
Zippy's Used Cars ,   Levittown, NY   (11.13.17)
including spouses and all their children, having lost everyone and everything
did seek love and security and marriage with other surviving Jews. If that is something to make a joke of, then Mr. David needs serious moral ethical help.
9. Larry David is an insenative clod.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (01.01.18)
Not that it matters that much but, can you imagine any concentrate female

victim finding Larry David even slightly attractive?

Between he and a heel of bread, the heel of bread comes in first.
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