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At least 26 dead in worst Texas massacre in history
Published: 06.11.17, 09:45
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1. I beg to disagree: our hearts shouldn't be "with American
Delphi   (11.06.17)
people" & all that crap.
The "American people" obviously aren't grown up (or intelligent enough) to make the connection between their idiotic domestic arms race and the high numbers of victims.
So be it & rest in peace.
2. These lone wolf Islamic terrorists
Roger ,   Vancouver   (11.06.17)
would have a lot to learn for mass killing by these white middle aged American killers. Not even in the same standards.
3. Governor Abbott is a curse for Texas and should resign. Too
Rivkah   (11.06.17)
many horrific events during his watch. Compare that to former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal who does not drink alcohol or eat meats who did not have anything horrific happen during his tenure as Governor of Louisiana. After he left office, Louisiana was hit by horrific things like Texas. Isaiah chapters 65 and 66 warn haShem will not protect swine eaters or those who eat unclean foods. Texas needs a new Governor or the Governor needs to get right with haShem and stop eating meats and drinking alcohol. For the sake of ONE person who is righteous, haShem will protect many.
4. Heartfelt condolences to the people of Sutherland Springs
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.06.17)
5. Devin P. Kelley is a spit image of FB donut Sherry
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.06.17)
Illegitimate son?
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